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Art Education Portfolio

by Christina A. Klein

Christina Klein

on 1 September 2010

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Transcript of Art Education Portfolio

Permanent New York State Teaching Certification in Art K-12
Permanent New York State Teaching Certification in Commercial Art
Teaching Experience
Amherst Middle School

Buffalo Public School #86, St. Lawrence Academy
Transit Middle School
Maple East Elementary School
Transit Middle School, 30 Hour Practicum
Buffalo Public School #54, Art Therapy Fieldwork
Connor's Children's Center, Art Therapy Fieldwork
Student Teaching Experience & Fieldwork
Employment Experience
Mindscapes, Graphic Designer/Owner

The Talking Phone Book, Graphic Designer
BCO Industries, Graphic Designer
Kinko's, Graphic Designer
Eastern Standard Productions, Art Coordinator
Art Education

Christina A. Klein

Professional Work
Sample Lesson Plan
Extra Curricular
Philosophy of Education
Oil Painting
Charcoal Drawing
Colored Pencil Drawing
Art Alive 2008
Art Alive 2009
Student Murals
Art Club
International Marathon
Voted "Best Tableau" in 2008 & 2009!
- Albright-Knox Art Gallery
Graphic Design
Pencil Drawing
Oil Pastel
Tempera & Collage
(Lesson plans are written using Madeline Hunter format)

Disciplines: NYS Learning Standards
1: creating, performing, and participating in the arts.
2: knowing and using art materials and resources.
3: responding to and analyzing works of art.
4: understanding the cultural dimensions and contributions of the arts.

NYS Learning Standards & Performance Indicators #1a,c, 2a, and 3b will be covered in this unit.

Students will learn Contour Line Drawing, and apply this technique on musical instruments displayed in the classroom.

• The student will draw an instrument using contour lines, after a demonstration on this technique.

Art Resources:
Ben Shahn “Still Music” print
Teacher Products
Musical Instruments

Art Materials:
White drawing paper
Black markers (fine tip)

Students will be shown Ben Shahn’s piece titled “Still Music” and asked to write down the dominant art elements they see in the artwork. After a minute, students will share their responses.

Guided Practice:
Students will gather around a table for a demonstration on contour line drawing. After the demonstration, students will begin practicing this drawing technique using instruments. Students will draw several different instruments at various points of view, in preparation for their final composition.

Students will be shown the same artwork by Ben Shahn and asked what the technique was called that he used in his drawing? (contour line drawing). They will then jot down notes on the important parts of this technique and share responses with the class.

Think about different components to contour line drawing.

What have I been reminding you to do? What are most important parts of this technique?

What does Contour = ? (edge)

Independent Practice:
Students will practice Contour Line Drawing on an object in their kitchen for homework.
"Figures in History"
Interdisciplinary Instruction
Colin Powell • Martin Luther King, Jr. • Louis Armstrong • Aretha Franklin
Oprah Winfrey • Maya Angelou • Harriet Tubman
Diagnostic Drawing
Celebrity Readers
1. Listen for directions.
2. Be aware of safety at all times.
3. Always treat others and their artwork with respect.
4. Raise your hand if you have a question or comment for the class.
5. Stay on-task & make the most of your time.
6. Share art materials with others.
7. Clean up after yourself and return art supplies.
8. Have fun and use your imagination!
My area of concentration is Elementary, Middle School and High School Art. I believe that all children need a variety of experiences to assist them in exploring their environment. Through Art Education, children learn to value their own uniqueness and to appreciate the differences of others. Art nurtures creativity as it engages children in a process that aids in the development of self-esteem, self-discovery and self-discipline.

Some of my goals, as an Art Teacher, are to provide children with the adequate tools and knowledge, so that they can develop basic skills for understanding human experience, adapting to and respecting others' way of working, thinking and communicating their thoughts and ideas in a multitude of ways. It is important to assist in the development of children's creative problem solving skills.

It is my job, as the teacher, to act as a role model/guide for children, and through building a rapport, aide them in overcoming obstacles and achieving their goals. It is also my responsibility to continue to educate myself, to stay up to date on the latest information and techniques, as well as providing my students with a cutting edge curriculum, which is both interesting and exciting.
Curriculum Maps (Art 6-8)
SCIP-R Certified
Christina A. Klein
Art Teacher
Certified k-12
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