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10 Things I Hate About You

No description

Anthony Goldman

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of 10 Things I Hate About You

10 Things I Hate About You
The emotions shown during Kat's speech are very oppressive because she was emotionally involved with Patrick. He betrayed her which caused her to speak with massive intensity that has been built up. She was so torn, as she spoke, her tears became uncontrollable. She felt like she couldn't resist being in his presence, so she stormed out.
The acting was a well rounded performance. Everyone played their role with great enthusiasm. Kat was able to display her emotions well, whether shes being shrewish or sweet. The parts with Larry the father, & when pat ask her to prom, & the party when Kat gets drunk. Those scenes are all genuine moments of humor present in whole movie. They also try to spice things up with a sarcastic hip hop English teacher, & a kinky counselor who's writing a sex novel. The interaction with Kat and Patrick had the best dialogue in the movie. Overall we enjoyed it.
Audience's Reaction
We, as the audience, feel the pain and the emotional stress that she is currently experiencing by the way she stumbles through her voice. The connection she shares with Patrick through eye contact indicates her true feelings.
The class is shocked by her emotional break down because they view her as a strong woman, physically, mentally, and emotionally.
Rhetorical Devices
"I hate" is an anaphora do to the fact that she starts every single sentence with it.
"Not even" is a repetition because towards the end she repeats it in the same sentence.
The whole poem is a basic assonance because it has a repetitive rhyme pattern.
"But mostly I hate the way I don’t hate you" is an antithesis because it displays two meanings to the phrase which are contrasting, and means opposite things.
The whole poem is an irony because at the beginning she is stating the reason why she hates him, but the matter of the fact is that all those reason are truly the reasons why she loves him.
Speech Description
The main character, Kat, is explaining how she is emotionally involved with her classmate Patrick in a
dramatic monologue
. Kat shared an immense amount of feelings towards Patrick. All the hatred she described in regards to his behavior are all the reasons why she has fallen madly in love with him.
The movie is a romantic comedy that contains eight unique and contrasting personalities. They are all high school students who attend the same school, but are in different cliques. Somehow, they all find a way to converge into each others lives dealing with unreciprocated love and confusion.
Katerina has a younger sister, Bianca, who is nothing like her sister. Kat is more confident, mature, careless to what society thinks of her & anti-social. On the other hand, Bianca is very young minded, spoiled,selfish, and a people pleaser. At first, Bianca is not attracted to one of the characters named Cameron, but instead shows interest in Joey. Of course she is unaware of the situation in which Joey has made a bet that he can get involved with her. In the movie Cameron starts to fall for Bianca, but since her father will not allow her to date anyone until her older sister Kat does the same, they concoct a plan that involves the school rebel Patrick to date Kat. Patrick goes along with the plan by receiving money to take Kat out on dates and is also making a profit for himself. Through the process, he finds it a lot more difficult to grasp her attention, affection, and trust than he assumed.
We were fond of the writing because it was short, very detailed, well executed and it rhymed making it easier to comprehend & enjoy.
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