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Creative thinking

No description

Párzsi Helén

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Creative thinking

OUR BIG IDEA Creative thinking Blue hat what do we have to do?
in what order to use the hats
what the process should be
what the steps should be Red hat new beginning different exciting funny warm happy ambitious creative family ice challenge reinventing tourism extra profit Yellow hat trademark for Amsterdam positive image for Amsterdam raise market share new market more world recognition investors creating new jobs new opportunities unique well placed benefit from the company's fame / image Green hat limitless amount of coke pool from Coca-Cola shape of the hotel (can, bottle, glass) vending machine - life in the bottle Coca-Cola History Museum Coca-Cola factory red / white - Coca-Cola colours happiness in the bottle -> happiness in the hotel some kind of typical smell Black hat White hat hotels in Amsterdam - how many? is there any other Coca-Cola hotel? other theme hotels in Amsterdam? services new building or renovate? open Coca-Cola hotel in Amsterdam What do we WANT to know? tourists nr. in Amsterdam how big it should be What DO we know? good reputation of the Company price design beginning cost Dutch architecture - possibilities of exterior design (high) prices for hotels is ti going to work? Coke hotel? safe buildings(rain,flood,weight) workforce/labour who should build it (subcontractors) taxes A little bit of again BLUE HAT We have to decide upon: Location of the hotel
Shape of the hotel
Design of the hotel
Stars think about what we have in the green hat SOME DATA: **** stars Price: Location: Dam Square from 200 € Rooms: 500, 5 floors Exterior design Renovated builidng
Represents the colours of Coca Cola
Using typically Coca-Cola letters
Play with the ligths (leds) Interior design red carpet Coca-Cola colours different floor: different design fountain 1. Winter/Snow floor
2.IDEA factory
3.Other brands (Sprite,Fanta)
4.Classic coke floor
5.Luxorious Coke (music) hall Coca-Cola brand history - how it developed Thank you for your attention! Helén Párzsi
Andrei Muresan
Preslav Parvanov
Taner Redzheb
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