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Food Fighters

Putting good food in your schools!

Donna Camacho

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of Food Fighters

Food Fighters Putting good food in your schools! Founded by: Donna Camacho, Ashley Dawson, and Navneet Kaur What is our goal? The FF recognizes the issues with school lunches and is working in cooperation with YOU and other members of the community to get the cafeteria to serve homemade food and sell healthier alternatives for extras. We also hope to bring our foundation into your lifestyle choices by providing healthy snack options to consider after getting home from a tiring day at school. Together, we can help reduce the population of obese children, and adults, in the United States. How will we achieve this goal? Why change the current school lunches? How will this change the course of your future? Wouldn't you rather have food made in your kitchens every day and not reheated meals from factories miles away? We will collect funds raised through a percentage of the sales made from the lunches, bake sales, health camps for kids, and donations from others. With those funds, given the limited amount of lunch ladies, we would like to gather volunteers to help make the lunches before school and teach kids after school healthy lifestyle tips! The entrees offered at our lunches contain high amounts of calories and saturated fats. Choosing these may cause you to become tired or sluggish, which leads to poor academic performance. As a growing teen, you need nutrients to build healthy bones and strong muscles! The nutrients that are lacking in school lunches will greatly impact how your brain develops and understands materials. Children who eat healthy foods tend to perform better in classrooms and on standardized tests. Healthy foods are like brain food! Things learned at school tend to become habits later on in life. So, eating wholesome foods in the cafeteria will influence your decisions at home. Not only do you do well in school, you'll do great when you get a job. Eating the right foods can give you the energy to complete difficult tasks thrown at you throughout the day. We hope to be a part of a big change in your life, and maybe even your children's or your grandchildren's! What are the bigger issues? Serious issues that we face in the United States include obesity, health-related problems and diseases, and even things such as indolence. Kids who buy school lunches are about 60% more likely to be overweight or obese. Obesity trends have been sky-rocketing due to unhealthy meals served not only at school, but at home and especially fast food restaurants. Health risks that come with an unhealthy lifestyle include diabetes, cancer, heart failures, and other life-threatening illnesses. Indolence is another big concern. Indolence, or laziness, is usually present when you don't get the nutrients you need. Processed foods, much like those we get at school, have "fake calories". Those foods have very little to no nutritional value. Healthier, fresher foods and courses that are made by hand have a lot of nutrition and give you energy! Now go spread the word! Spread the word about healthy eating and our organization's efforts to improve schools around the country. We would appreciate donations to the cause, not only with your money, but with your time! Make sure to "Like" us on Facebook where you can find healthy recipes and other fun links. Also, please "Share" our page for your friends to see! You can find our Facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/fighting4food
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