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Global Citizen Info Evening March 2014

No description

Mandy Fransz

on 12 October 2014

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Transcript of Global Citizen Info Evening March 2014

Become a Global Citizen,
go abroad with AIESEC!

What is AIESEC?

- 124 countries and territories

- 86,000 members worldwide

- 1,000,000+ alumni

- 5,000 international internships

- 15,000 international volunteer experiences
AIESEC Why We Do What We Do
The Global Citizen Program
What is AIESEC?

The Global Citizen Program

The Global Citizen Projects

The Countries

Experience Stories

Application Procedure
- International volunteering experience

- Developing entrepreneurial skills and responsible leadership

- Creating direct positive impact

- Duration 6-8 weeks

- Motivated, ambitious students (+/- 60 ECTS)
Support an NGO in various areas or promote the possibilities of entrepreneurship through workshops

General Tasks

- Organization and implementation of workshops in the area of social entrepreneurship

- Support and advice start-up companies

Motivate children and young people to broaden their horizon and show them a future
The General Tasks

- Teach English to children and youngsters

- Create new, exciting and interactive educational methods

- A teaching background is not required
To increase awareness of socially relevant themes and contribute to the positive development of the local community
The General Tasks

- Fields: HIV/AIDS, health, environment, sustainability and cross-cultural understanding

- Preparation and execution of workshops

Sri Lanka
.. and more!
The Countries
Application Procedure
- Short and clear summary (incl. picture)

- Education

- Working experience

- Language skills and other professional qualifications

- Personal information e.g. Sports, interests, etc.

Motivation Letter
- Elaborate on your motivation to do a Global Citizen project with AIESEC (max. 1 page)

- Specify the region you are interested in

- Specify your availability

- What do you want to learn/achieve abroad?

The Projects
Application fee: 249 EU
Experience Story: INDONESIA

How does it work?
Common Induction
Access to Database
Experience Story: BRAZIL
Send your CV and ML to: application.rotterdam@aiesec.net

Be an Entrepreneur
Make Aware
Go Teach
Send your CV and ML to: application.rotterdam@aiesec.nl
Cost Estimation:

+ Application fee €249
+ Flight ticket
+ Visa (i.a.)
+ Accommodation (depends per project)
+ Cost of living
Sri Lanka
Example: REACH project in Vietnam
- Social enterprise
- Develop business model
- Vocational training, career advice & job placement services
Example: Go Green project in Sri Lanka
Example: Dare to Dream project in China
- Gather information on environmental state by traveling through the country
- Give workshops to local students
- Teach English to children in remote areas
- Share your culture with locals
We provide leadership experiences by:

- Board functions (deadline: April 18th!)

- International internships

- Volunteer projects abroad

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