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"The Outsiders" - Debate

No description

Rachel Meiring

on 21 February 2017

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Transcript of "The Outsiders" - Debate

Others were biased against Greasers because they were delinquents, rebellious, and dressed differently.
Greaser's Fashion
Social's Fashion
Fitted, Colored T-Shirts (with sleeves rolled up), Levi denim jeans, leather jackets, boots, Converse
Girls: Their fashion was really similar to the guys.
Wednesday Feb. 22, 2017
Vol XCIII, No. 311
For debate day:
Debate Greasers vs. Socs
"Oh Ponyboy, your hair...your tuff, tuff hair."
Greaser Hair
Your copy of "The Outsiders"
Any/all notes that you have taken throughout the last couple of weeks.
Dress up for extra credit
1960s Fashion
Each social group had their own style
in the 60s. This included clothes, shoes, hair, and accessories.
Girls: Their fashion is like the guys: clean, proper. Blouses, skirts, saddle shoes
Boys: Their fashion was clean-cut and sharp.
Guys: Hair was slicked back with different types of gel and pomade

Girls: More feminine version of pompadour, rockabilly style, and some "updos"
Soc Hair
Guys: Hair was left short and clean-cut.

Girls: Hair varied from Jackie Kennedy inspired hair to high ponytail.
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