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Article Review: Marketing commercial records centers in Zimb

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fara saje

on 19 April 2014

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Transcript of Article Review: Marketing commercial records centers in Zimb

Adock Dube, Dunwell Mukono and Rodreck David, the department of records and archives management at National University of Science & Technology in Zimbabwe.
This objectives:
i. To identify the magical strategies being used by Archive-It Services in the marketing of its products and services.
ii. To explore and assess the extent to which the current strategies are useful in selling records management products and services.
iii. To identify the information products and services that are being offered by Archive-It Services.
v. To identify the major challenges that are being encountered in the marketing of records and information services.

Author & Objective
Benefits to store records at commercial records centre:
=> space cost savings.
=> vital records protection
=> full suite of records management services including storage, pickup and retrieval, scanning and others for their clients.

Some of the challenges faced by CRC are managing records in different formats, personnel problems, cost, lack of awareness, technology, end user-training, website records management, business process re engineering and also integrating ERM with other IT systems.

Research methodology

Commercial Records Centre (CRC)
Archive-It service

Article Review: Marketing commercial records centers in Zimbabwe: The success story of Archive-It service.
Present by: Fara Roslinda Binti Salleh

--> Point are well explained

--> The article structure is coherent

--> Includes tables and graph that reveal the statistics

--> Based on my opinion, the researchers should conduct more research regarding on record centre to make people appreciate the existence of this service

--> This is a good article regarding commercial record centre. The research that has been conducted is well managed with a good documentation.

Dube, A., Mukono, D., & David, R. (2013). Marketing commercial records centres in Zimbabwe: The success story of Archive-It service. Global Journal of Commerce & Management Perspective, 2(3), 106-120.

=> Qualitative

=> The data was collected from only one branch of Archive-It service in Zimbabwe

=> Sample from two marketing officers, marketing manager, records supervisor and the director as the respondents

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