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Intergrating technology into the classroom has its pros.....and cons!

The pros and cons in expanding students learning through the use of technology, and its tools.

Amy James

on 27 January 2013

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Transcript of Intergrating technology into the classroom has its pros.....and cons!

Storytelling and Multimedia:
* Fun for kids to create and share!

Global Learning:
* More opportunities to learn multiple languages.

Epistemic Games:
* Teaches students how to solve problems. Expand On Learning Through... White Boards:
* Makes learning engaging.

Computers and Tablets:
* Gives students access to programs

Inspires visual learners. Tools Available Playing "Catch Up":
* Schools are constantly trying to keep up!

Moving Too Fast:
* Unable to provide longitudinal studies.

* Greater opportunities to cheat. The Cons of Technology Integrating technology into the classroom... and....its pros and cons! Pros... Cons... Benefits For Students * Saves Money

* Allows For More Classes to be Taught

* Better for Scheduling Conflicts

* Face-to-Face with Online Proven More Effective Ability to Reach all Students Students at-risk:
* Improve economic prospects
* Giving them marketable skills.

* Can learn through:
e-mail and online research.

Slow Learners:
* Provides tools to help students Amy James Resources:

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