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How robot cars work?

No description

Kendra Aguirre

on 1 February 2014

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Transcript of How robot cars work?

Robot Cars

How robot cars are used.....
Robot cars are used all over the world and can be found every were as well.Robot cars are also called Autonomous cars or Driver-less cars and Self-driving cars.Robot cars DO NOT run on oil the use chargers instead.
Robot cars function in many ways such as...
they're able to be driven by themselves plus the dont run on oil.
they are also great! for traveling because they have a built in Gps system.
~some advantages would be.....
The robot car has an built in navigation/GPS all you have to do is tell the car where you want to go and BAM i navigates for you and drives.!!!!
i predict that most people will have robot cars so that they wont have to pay for gas and they won't have to worry about crashing.
Robot cars are used mainly on the streets and around town.For example the are used all over the world!!!!!! (^.^)
how robot cars work?
where are they used?

*fewer traffic collisions
*relief of vehicle occupants from driving and navigation chores
*could be any age to drive an robot car in any state.^.^
*has an higher speed limit for robot cars!!!!
*liability for damage
*software reliability
*loss of privacy
*cyber security
*loss of driver related jobs
Controls of a robot car
Robots impact on the world is on the good side because you save money and don't hurt the environment!!!!!!
Places where you can find driver-less cars
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