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Treatments of Lung Cancer!

In this slide show I will show you the treatments of lung cancer and how and where everything happens.

Jakub Otfinowski

on 25 March 2011

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Transcript of Treatments of Lung Cancer!

Lung Cancer is the most common cancer/ disease
In the United States. Lung cancer is deadly, yet it treatable! If you dont want Lung Cancer, simply dont smoke
and try not to be near a person that smokes, because
then you second-hand smoke. If you do smoke and do
it a lot, your lungs will turn bad and look like this... Now, to start off, here is a video about treating
lung cancer and a graph about lung cancer. There are four basic ways
of treating Lung Cancer: Chemotherapy- Surgery- Targeted Therapy- Radiation Therapy- Chemoterapy is a process through wich raciation
rays shoot through you and they kill the fast
dividing cancer cells in your body.When cells
divide to fast that process is called Mitosis. Surgery is basicly a process which through they cut
a hole in your chest and remove the Tumor. Targeted therapy is when they doctors and physicians
only target a certain spot for the radiation beams to
hit. Radiation therapy is almost like chemotherapy but
it uses more radiation beams, kills more cancer cells,
and has more effects to it like more hairloss. Chemotherapy has 8 stages: Stage 0
Stage 1A
Stage 2A
Stage 3A
Stage 1B
Stage 2B
Stage 3B
Stage 4 From this chart you can see
that Lung Cancer has the most
death rates in the U.S. It is
followed by heart disease. It may take as much as 2 years to
compleate the stages and you might
repeat the whole process if the
cancer is not treated. Cancer is a tumor and in different
cancers there are different tumors,
and there are three basic ones: Benign tumor, which is a tumor that
dosnt move and stays in one place. Cancerous tumor, which is just a
growing tumor. Metastatic Tumor, which moves throughtout the body. Cells multiply too fast because the DNA within it
is mutated. and Mutation is when something is wrong with
the DNA and is set up wrong. DNA is held in the Gene
and the gene is located in a Chromosome.
Thank You for

By: Jakub Otfinowski This is a picture of a
man after surgery. Treatments for Lung Cancer! http://www.medicinenet.com/lung_cancer/article.htm








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