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presentation for Truveo

Emily Principato

on 11 March 2010

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Transcript of Truveo

Truveo Truveo Site Redesign

Emily Howard
Erin Timmons
Chelsea Carter Background Founded in 2004 by industry experts in video search technology
2005 – launched first commercial video search service
2006 – Developed set of developer tools for content producers to use to make their video more searchable
2006 – Was acquired by AOL; currently wholly owned subsidiary
So…What is Truveo? Online search engine for video content
Gives preference so professional content over user generated content
Indexes YouTube within searches
Powers video search on hundreds of sites:
AOL Video, Microsoft, Sports Illustrated, Brightcove, CBS Radio, Qwest, etc

Traffic: indexes over 200 million videos and reaches 75 million uniques each month

Competitors YouTube
Google Video
Yahoo! Video
*Main point of differentiation: web crawling technology – claims to find better metadata than competitors
Alexa Study:
- Selected the top 100 Alexa ranked video content sites for: news, sports, TV, music and movies
- Truveo covered 86 of the sites
- Blinkx covered 20
- Google Video covered 3
- Yahoo! Covered 2
Truveo Re-launch The most comprehensive global video index
Now more than 350 million online videos from thousands of sources across the Web
Quicker and easier discovery of online video content
More personalized control over search
The broadest coverage of videos
Greater emphasis on helping users easily find the professional videos they want 
Extended share features

Online Visibility Future of Search = Video Pew Internet Research
57 % of online video viewers share links to the video they find with others

75% say they receive thinks to watch video

77 % of Americans who are already online watched online video this past month

146 million unique users watching a total of 12.7 billion videos

According to eMarketer….
A total of 154 million people are expected to watch online videos this year, (one in two Americans)

By 2012, this audience is expected to grow to 190 million By 2012, this audience is expected to grow to 190 million
Real Opportunity – International Truveo’s true potential lies in its International audience, which grows daily and has reported to constitute over 70% of their traffic.

The relaunch comes with the announcement of two partners: Univision Interactive Media and Tiscali Italia. Both will leverage Truveo's API to deliver video search on their sites.

Univision Interactive Media, the number one most visited Spanish-language website among U.S.

Future of Video Search Twitter - 428 Following 471 Followers

Facebook – 32 friends

Truveo also has an iPhone app as well as a site optimized for mobile web surfers.
QUESTIONS???? What does this mean for your employer’s, personal or client’s web site?
Search functionality that will let users find video located either in their own video library or on thousands of websites across the Internet
Enhance a business’ existing website with relevant video clips
Build an online community for sharing video

In June 2009, Truveo announced they had made significant updates to the site

Pete Knocks, President of Truveo and Vice President of AOL, says the goal of the re-launch is to make “sharing video content even easier and more personalized.”
Truveo Developer Center
Here you can view examples of applications that have already been built using the Truveo Video search application programming interface
- Can see how to utilize this most effectively for your specific purpose
Re-launch: New and Improved Features lkajsdl
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