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League of Legends

No description

Jeane Carlos

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of League of Legends

Aaron "Body4Sale" Choi
Filbert "Sporego" Shi
League of Legends

What the LoL club offers
-First Tournament will take place 1/27/13 when the first semester ends
-Registration deadline will be by 1/20/13
-Teams must consist of 5 people and 1 Sub (NA Server)

-When did you start playing, how did you find out?
Fun Stuff
Get Updated
We plan to make it a Summoner's Rift 5x5. You can come in as a team (this is open for all, not just Bronx Science students or we'll help you find a group of people to work with. Future tournaments are planned to be in different maps and to be fair to those of lower tiers, we'll do a specific cases of "Gold/Silver/Bronze only" eventually
High Skill Cap
Weak Laning Phase
Hyper Carry
-All the yordles in bandle city?
What is it called when you wake up and play League?

Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Tournament Recap
Vice President
Jeane "A Minion" Carlos
-What made you attached to this game?
-Who is your favorite champion? Who is your least favorite champion
-Most amazing play you've seen?
-Which lane do you prefer the most and why?
-Most amazing play you did?
-What exactly is the League of Legends?
-First official tournament pentakill?

-The Meta
-Items & Gold Efficiency
-Ending the game
-Winning in SoloQ

Ryze and Shen
Saif "Rhymos" Billah
Event Coridnator
Bradley "Shadowchief" Mak
Event Cordinator
Bronx Science Chatroom
Step 1
Go to the bottom right corner of the client and click the two little dialogue boxes nestled between your friends list count and your notifications.
Step 2
Click on ""Create or Join A Chat Room" and then type "Bronx Science"
Step 3
Click on the Gear icon on the top right.
Step 4
Check "Show Time Stamp" and "Autojoin on Startup"
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