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No description

Ayesha Haque

on 28 August 2014

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Transcript of School

Our Mission
ILM Academy promotes academic excellence and Islamic values in a nurturing environment that empowers students to reach their highest academic potential while preparing them to become leaders in the service of their families, their communities, and God.
Healthy lunches/snacks

Daily recess

Physical education/health classes
Dress Code
Policy enforced for professionalism

Overarching dress code for all students:
Close-toed shoes
No jewelry (except stub earrings)
Field Trip Dress Code
Elementary/Middle School:
Formal uniform
Spirit shirt with sweatpants/blue jeans (in some cases)

Spirit shirts with jeans
PE Uniform
PE is on Mondays (elementary/middle school only)

Spirit shirts
Solid navy blue sweatpants (any material)
Karate is on Tuesdays (for ML3/elementary/middle school)

Uniforms will be sold beginning from next week for $30/each

Belt tests every 2-3 months for $25 (not mandatory)
Uniform (Elementary/Middle School)
Regular Uniform (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)
Wednesday is art day (grades 1-6)

Formal Uniform
Worn on Fridays and most field trips

Free Dress Days
Personal Items/Electronics
Toys must be kept home (or in cubbies for Montessori students, except for show and tell days)

Personal electronics must be kept at home or backpack (turned off)
School Philosophy and Handbook Overview
Will apply first aid and call 911 as needed

All contact information should be updated

Authorized pick up personnel

Fire drills
Lock down drills
Severe weather drills
Medical Regulations
Keep children home for 24 hours for diarrhea, vomiting, and rashes

Students with these symptoms will be sent home
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