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Lenses written by: Leah Silverman

No description

Alexia Clerx

on 7 November 2014

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Transcript of Lenses written by: Leah Silverman

Lenses written by: Leah Silverman
Point of View/ Setting
-3rd person
-Limited Omniscient
- The reader experiences the story through Corrine's eyes

Different planet
Over the course of 4 days

Plot Summary
Leah Silverman
Author of:
The last run of Donovan's Folly
Always been the Special One
Deep Blue Sea
The Pickup
Key literary elements
Dilemma: The dilemma that Corrine is facing is the decision of performing surgery on Grusha's eyes. Corrine knows that if he takes away Grusha's eyes and replaces them with metal lenses it will be as if he has taken away Grusha's humanity. Corrine contemplates removing Grusha's beautiful eyes himself or attempting to convince her to not follow through with the surgery and preserve her character. As Corrine is one who had already received the surgery he reminisces over his own eyes the provoke emotion to one another, he chooses the black and white photograph to look at rather than the colored ones as they convey a sense of realness to him. Grusha realizes that he is left with no choice when it comes to the surgery as it had dawned on him that if he doesn't follow through with the procedure Grusha would not continue her job as a pilot.
Inciting Incident
By: Si Fan, Jesse, Aiden, Liam & Alexia
Bionic eye transplant
was given back his sight on on October 1st
Blind for half his life
Suffered from a disease called retinitis pigmentosa
Became 7th person in America to have an implanted bionic eye
This technology will enable the visually impaired to differentiate doors, walls and sidewalks
When Grusha request that corrine, specifically does the surgery on her eyes.
When the bionic eyes are implanted and replaced
Corrine, while looking at old pictures of Grusha, describe how "her eyes look like black liquid in the photo." 45
Throughout the story Corrine is constantly bickering to himself about the surgery on Grusha's eyes.
-Person vs Self

-Person vs Person
Situational Irony
Because, Corrine's constantly contemplates about how Grusha's new bionic eyes will deprive her of her natural self, when ironically Corrine has bionic eyes himself.
Corrine- Protagonist
Round Character
Dynamic Character
Grusha- Flat
1. Permanent change can be terrifying but it can't be avoided forever

2. No matter how essential the choice is, letting personal feeling get in the way will create a dilemma

Born on Earth
28 years old
Lived in new world for 7 years
Has to perform surgery on her best friend.
Brown eyes
Must get bionic eyes because of the suns harshness
Corrine's best friend
Corrine is in her room thinking about her past and about the upcoming surgery she must perform.
Initial Incident:
Corrine is contemplating whether she should perform the surgery.
Rising Action:
When Corrine is looking at pictures of her and Grusha, and her thinking of the goods and bads of the surgery.
Climax: When he performs the surgery and Grusha's eyes are replaced.
Falling Action: Grusha is adjusting to her new eyes, and when she asks Corrine how she looks Corrine lies and says she looks good.
Conclusion: When we find out Corrine has Bionic eyes aswell.
Indirect symbolism
Eyes: represent natural beauty
bionic eyes: represent change for the better good.
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