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Health Presentation: Steroids & Sports

This presentation will be focused on portraying the harmful risks of steroids, including the effects of anyone who chooses to take steroids

Jessica Weiss

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Health Presentation: Steroids & Sports

by Hannah Szapary, Jessica Weiss and Nickie Lewis Steroids & Sports Corticosteroids (medical steroids)

Anabolic Steroids (athletic steroids) What do you know about steroids? Why may a person use steroids? Corticosteroids Specifically a hormone called Testosterone
Can be an injection or a pill
Increases male characteristics (muscles, lower voice and facial hair) Anabolic Steroids Used for:
Skin conditions (including Poison Ivy)
Inflammatory diseases ( Crohn's Disease, Lupus) Types of Steroids Pictures of Anabolic Steroids TEENAGE MALES:
Stunted growth
Reduced size of testicles and amount of sperm
Breast growth
Irreversible stretch marks
Loss of facial hair

Reduced ovulation
Abnormal menstrual cycle/ infertility
Increase of facial hair
Reduced breast size
Irreversible stretch marks
Lower voice
Head baldness Short-Term Effects 1.6% of 8th graders use steroids to increase athletic ability
35% of 8th through 12th graders reported that they have considered steroids as a way to help achieve their athletic dreams
80% of users in grades 8th through 12th said they were influenced by professional athletes who had taken steroids A study from 2003-2006 shows: Long-Term Effects Jaundice (Yellowish coloring of the skin and tissues)
High blood pressure
Fluid retention (swelling)
Increases in LDL and decreases in HDL
Severe acne
Liver and kidney tumors
Catastrophic loss of brain cells
Hyperexcitability (highly aggressive nature)
Suicidal tendencies
Increase of chances for heart attack Using anabolic steroids to gain an advantage in any sport is illegal and considered a federal crime
Steroids are easily identified with new drug testing that can find digested traces of the drug
There is a spectrum of punishments for getting caught with steroids
According to www.steroidabuse.com, punishments for someone under 18 range from being fined large amounts of money to going to jail for up to 10 years! Other Consequences of Steroid Use Other Ways to Achieve Athletic Goals
WITHOUT Steroids Having a balanced diet
Training consistently
Getting plenty of sleep at night (and rest between workouts)
Cross training
Learning to set goals and work towards them Picture of man who used steroids Remember, Steroid addiction is a serious condition
If you or a friend is using steroids, please seek out a teacher, advisor or a trusted adult who can lead you in the right direction
You can also call 1-800-STEROIDS, a 24/7 hotline for more information and help Where to get Help Thanks for listening!
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