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British Food

We'll tell you guys smoething 'bout the British Food

one direction fan

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of British Food

British Food We've got 4 themes, the first: Coffeeshops in London, second: Restaurants, third: Drinks and last: Fast Food Coffeeshops Restaurasnts Drinks Fast Food Starbucks comedy cafe Ace Cafe Nandos Scilon St John Black Tea Beer Coffee Chinese Food Pl Dragon Bunge Starbucks Nandos Black Tea Chinese Food The Queen-Victoria-Pie We baked the pie, we'll hope you like it. I think you'll like this Pie :) Jamie Oliver has made the Pie before us. Our 4 lists in top 3 packs Pics from our top 3 list The Starbucks coffeshop is one of the most famous shops all over the world. Nandos are many pieces of chicken with some chips. I haven't tried it till yet, but I think it's very delicious. Black tea is the favourite drink of the british people. Chinese food is a restaurant in London, the british people love it. by Melina, Marcel, Mike and Yuki You can go to the nandos:
66-68 Chandos Place
City of London, City of Westminster
tel: 0044020 7836 4719 1037 Wellington rd. London
0044(519) 680-9889 Quiz Why is the "Queen-Victoria-Pie" called like this? a) It was the favourite pie of Queen Victoria b) It looks like a very royal pie c) Victoria baked it Who baked the pie? a) Jamie Oliver b) The group (Marcel (YasZoom), Melina (Melina), Mike (Mike), Yuki (Bynnek/ Planzer)) c) Queen Victoria Address: 28 Frith Street, London W1D 5LF
Telephone: 0044020 7287 6688 These are the pics we have for our list 169 Watling Street Towcester, Northamptonshire NN12 6BX, United Kingdom
01327 358200 The royal Queen-Vicotria-Pie That was our presentation...

now some pie... ;) Made by Melina, Marcel (YasZoom), Yuki (PLanzer) and MIke
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