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Dearborn High School:

No description

Laurie Lintner

on 2 July 2015

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Transcript of Dearborn High School:

How will teachers and students get the tech they need at their fingertips?
B.Y.O.T. Policy
For 9-12 grade students, we will begin in the fall to publize a b.y.o.t. policy, inviting students to bring their technology to school each day.
I-Pads for all Teachers
This tool will help staff to move toward student-centered classrooms by enabling them to move away from their desks and to utilize the same apps, videos, and sites as their students.
Collaboration via Technology
How can we use technology to move students and staff toward more collaborative work?
DHS-PD Twitter
Later today, we will all log into or create a Twitter account and will begin following our DHS-PD feed. This will be utilized during PD days throughout the school year and will also tweet out new ideas and best practices.
Moving Forward Together
How Do We Regulate Use?
Our current, "red, yellow, and green zones" will remain the tool through which teachers and administrators can communicate with students about their tech use. We will expand the policy from cell phones to all technology.
Stepping up with Google Apps
We will spend the year workshoping the different features of Google applications.
DHS Vision for Technology Integration
WiLuCo InDec. "Why Google App?" YouTube. 12 March 2013 Web. 01 July 2015.
Taking Risks
Our expectation is that as you become more comfortable with Twitter and Google Apps, that these tools will also become a regular part of your classroom practice
We acknowledge that you, like us, may feel uncomfortable with these shifts, but if we are to truly prepare our students to be responsible, global citizens, using technology to gain knowledge is a part of that goal.
Google Apps Enhance Professional Collaboration
PLCs will receive support from our technology coach in order to establish Google Drive folders and documents to enhance the exchange of materials and practices
PLCs will be supported in subscribing to appropriate twitter feeds
Google Apps Enhance Student/Teacher and Peer-to-Peer Collaboration and Editing
Utilize students' Google accounts to provide digital feedback
Encourage groups of students to share documents, slides, and spreadsheets in order to collaborate and edit in real time
2015-2016 School Year
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