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Admissions Visit

No description

Steve Greenwell

on 26 September 2014

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Transcript of Admissions Visit

Visit Promotion
Registration Communications
Visit Experience
Welcome to EKU Admissions
EKU Recruitment Overview
In/Out of State New First Time Freshman

Transfer Students (SOTO)

EKU Online Students (eCampus)

Graduate School
Central Office Staff
Communications Staff
Processing Staff
Campus Visit Staff
Recruiting Staff
International / Virtual
Recruitment Efforts
Focus on Feeder High Schools - 85%
High School Visits, Parent Nights, Open Houses
Regional/National College Fairs
Alumni Colonel Commanders (In/Out of State)
Scholarship Nights
Guidance Counselor Workshop

Campus Events
Spotlight (Oct / Nov / Feb)
Brett Morris
Interim Executive Director
Enrollment Management

Enrollment Management
Information Analyst

Prospect Suspect Inquiry Applicant Admit

Hobsons (CRM)

Web Content / PPPs / My Colonel Corner
Print Materials / Brochures
Virtual Campus Experience
Travel &
Assistant Director
Associate Director
Campus Visits / Major MeetUps

(Admissions Recruitment Ambassadors)
Colonel for a Day (STARS)
Students of Scholastic Excellence (Honors)
Diversity / Ali Event
Group Tours
Visitor Experience
Email from Hobsons after Application to encourage a visit
Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest)
Counselors promote the Campus Visit Experience on the road
Virtual Campus Experience and EKU/Admissions Home Pages

Automated Email Registration Confirmation (dates/times/directions)
Personalized Automated Letter Confirmation
Campus Map with Directions
Parking Pass and Information

Check In and Promo Items
EKU Programs/Campus Life Videos
Hospitality (Water, Coffee)
Information Session Trolley/Walking Tour
25% Off Coupon to EKU Bookstore
Survey of Experience

International Student
Recruitment Specialist
Marla Workman
International Recruitment Initiatives
New Partnership with ELS
Added Staffing and Travel Budget
Lead Generation (ELS, Zinch, Admission Table, Other Various Contacts)
iXplore Digital Brochure
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