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Greek Vocabulary

Greek words explained in 21st century context due oct.19

Katie Jander

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Greek Vocabulary

Presented by Allison Banta
and Katie Jander Greek Vocabulary The order of the
universe, a world Cosmos Eros Heroes Kairos Kleos Kudos Moira Physis Polis Arete Nomos Hamarita Telos Tyrannos Basileus The motivating desire
(love) that flows
through all things,
binding them
together, in
humans can cause
madness warriors who
live and die
for honor the right time for action; critical
moment; due
season, the moment of driven
inspiration immortal fame
in memory Personal
Glory Fate: that which
falls to the
lot of anyone; a
due and regular share nature, the
flow of things,
the rythm of
being the ordered,
city where the
aim is to
establish justice excellence,
merit law custom,
the custom of
the community;
man made
ordinances, but
based on divine
order, including
unwritten laws the, "tragic flaw";
missing the mark;
a blindnes the end,
and final
ordering of
(common goal) the king who
comes to the
throne through
an avenue other
than inhieritance;
not necessarily
basileus kingly,
the "good"
king the order of the universe, a world ouch!
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