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Julie Hembree

on 23 September 2014

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Transcript of MNI 4

Lesson 1.5
Right femur bone
Right humeri
Right and left scapula
Right and left hip bone
Right and left femur bone
Left tibia
Right and left scapula
Right humerus
Left hip bone
Right and left femur
Left tibiae
Right scapula
Left hip bone
Right femur
1. The NISP of the bones found in the park is 22.
2. The bones that belong to the axial skeleton is the 3 skulls, and the bones that belong to the appendicular skeleton are the 6 femora, 4 hip bones, 2 humerus, 2tibiaes, and 5 scapula bones.
3. The maximum number of individuals that could be represented by the bones is 22. This is because each bone could be from a different person. At first glance some may assume that there would be only 3 people because there was only 3 skulls, however, there were 4 right femurs, so that means there is a missing skull to go with one of the right femurs. With this in mind, you can only assume that each bone goes to a separate individual until more evidence appears.

4. The MNI for the bones that were collected were 4


5. I believe the MNI is important when you are working in a scenario like this because it shows not only the family members of the children who are missing, but also the other individuals who could be worried that there is only a certain number of bodies that it could be. It gives people relief and hope that their child or loved one may
not be the one of the four bodies found. It also helps anthropologist, and others to know how many more bones they need to be looking for and how many they should find assuming the MNI is correct.

6. I would tell the sheriff that the possibility of having 22 victims would be very slim, but it is not impossible. I would also explain that it is not possible for the number of victims to be less than 4, according to the number of bones found. I would encourage him to tell the parents of the 3 teens that were missing that it is likely that it could be them, and to search for a fourth victim that could be missing. I would then tell the sheriff to cautiously look for more bones so the skeletons can be put back together and the number of victims could be announced.
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