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The Fault in Our Stars

No description

Christian Cotto

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars. Chapter 7-8
Hazel to the hospital (ICU).
Augustus go see her at the hospital.
He gives her Van Houten's letter.
Hazel wants to go to Amsterdam.
Hazel goes to Cancer Team Meeting.
Hazel calls Augustus.
Hazel writes email to Van Houten.
Hazel gets depress and Augustus go to visit her.
Hazel receives email from Lidewij and is going to Amsterdam.
Nurse Alison
Doctor Jim
"The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars / But in ourselves." (Green 113)
"People talk about the courage of cancer patients, and I do not deny that courage. I had been poked and stabbed and poisoned for years, and still I trod on." (Green, 108)
"Your Hazel is alive, Waters, and you mustn't impose your will upon another's decision, particularly a decision arrived at thoughtfully. She wishes to spare you pain, and you should let her." (Green 113)
Doctor Maria
Doctor Simon
Hazel's Parents
Hazel gets sick.
Amsterdam trip may abort.
Sluttiness of time
Hazel's cancer is not going away.
She's not able to go to Amsterdam.
She gets depressed
"I hated hurting him. Most of the time, I could forget about it, but the inexorable truth is: They might be glad to have me around, but I was the alpha and the omega of my parent's suffering." (Green 116)
"I want to go to Amsterdam and I want him to tell me what happens after the book is over, and I just don't want my particular life, and also the sky is depressing me"( Green 121)
"I tried to tell myself that it could be worse, that the world was not a wish-granting factory, that I was living with cancer not dying of it, that I mustn't let it kill me before it kills me.." (Green 121)
The Fault in Our Stars
Christian Cotto
Ana Feliciano
Ms. Cardona
English 11-1
9 October 2013

1. The Nurse Alison gives Hazel the Van Houten's letter.
2. I don't know what to do, I broke my nail and it hurts." Is a quote from chapter 7.
3. Hazel's cancer spread to her brain.

True or False
4. Love is shown in this chapters.
5. Hazel finally gets permission to go to Amsterdam at the end of chapter 8.
6. Hazel loves the cancer meeting.

True or False
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