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No description

Nawal Muse

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of Cocaine

By:Nuwal, Hiba and Fatima Cocaine What is cocaine? Safety Issues Cocaine is a stimulant drug that is highly addictive. It
is used by many people,a majority are the teens and young
adults. It's appearance is a white substance/powder.It can be smoked, snorted,or injected into your body.You will learn more about cocain, it's impact towards
your family, safety, health and most importantly you. There are many impacts on our family and friends when you take cocaine for example; if your parents used cocaine it would have an effect on their mood, they'll always be alert and as a kid you would be affected because you could become scared to talk to your parents. You're friends would be worried about you if you took cocaine. If you look at it the other way around, your friends taking cocaine, the possibilities are they may pressure you to take it too which is called "peer pressure." Sometimes pressure comes from the inside which is classified as "internal pressure." These are some of the affects of taking cocaine. Impact on Family and Friends: Taking cocaine involves heavy treatment which is usually found in hospitals or specialists.These treatments such as cocaine vaccines,require medical costs and bills.This makes it all the more difficult to quit,leading to the point where the users would rather return to the drug then find help.The more cocaine that enters your system,the more damage is being done to you physically and financially. Issues of Medical Costs When cocaine users are in a high or intoxicated,
they often do not realize what they are doing or their current actions. They could harm or injure anyone near them at any given time.
You can tell when a person has been using cocaine because they have a certain behavior.They tend to be rash and reckless.This can be during ,before,or after the energizing "buzz" of a crack-cocaine high.For instance,the void of being without crack leads to depression turning to violence in a quick matter of time. Impact on health There are two types of effects to cocaine;short term and long term.

Short Term Effects:
-increase in blood pressure
-increase in energy
-increase in temperature and heart rate
-dilated pupils
-loss of appetite
-constricted blood vessels

Long Term Effects:

Cocaine effects the main organs and functions in the body such as the heart,brain,lungs,and kidneys. Legal Issues Cocaine is classified as a class A drug.These drugs are considered to be most harmful drugs,classified by the UK.
If you are found in possession or act of dealing cocaine,you can face an arrest and prison for periods of time that can stretch as far as 10 years.You can also be charged with penalties of over a thousand dollar fines.
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