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Jack London & Naturalism

No description

alex austin

on 17 November 2015

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Transcript of Jack London & Naturalism

Jack London
Naturalism is the idea or belief in literature and the theatrical arts for poems,movies, and so on. Another definition for Naturalism is that only natural things and laws operate our world in which we live today. Naturalisms main element or focus is Darwinism which is no belief in god, it also focused alot on human development and behavior.
Jack London Childhood
Jack London who was a famous writer in the late 1800's was born in San Francisco, California. London was raised by his mother and step father since his biological father disowned him at a young age. But london's family were more on the poverty side and had very little money, so young jack was working
in factories/plantations before teen.
Jack London
By. Alex Austin
Jack London Adulthood
Jack London worked from the age of 8 to 18, when he finally quit at 18 he decided he wanted to travel the world as a hobo, he was then arrested in New York for Vagrancy. He was then jailed for 30 days and thought that he needed to turn his life around and go to college. London went to the University Of California at Berkley to be a writer.
Jack London Fame
Jack London started to write some books including "News Of The Klondike Gold Rush In 1847". After he finished writing this book he decided to travel to Alaska to get rich, he never did but he did get diagnosed with Scurvy which makes a human very weak. When he returned home he started to publish some of his books which led him to success.
"The Law Of Life"
The Law Of Life is about Old Koskoosh who is a chief of a eskimo tribe. They are in the harsh conditions of Alaska and he is blind and lame and his tribe is about to leave him for death. His son is piling wood on the fire to keep him warm but when the fire goes out so does he. The author relates his death with a moose who is killed by a pack of wolves.
"To Build A Fire"
To build a fire is about a man and his dog who are alone and lost in the Alaska wilderness with only matches and their own intelligence. The man makes many stupid mistakes along the way and finally gives up and dies in his sleep. His dog however prances off to look for help.
"The Call Of The Wild"
The call of the wild is about a dog named buck who is stolen from his home and put into mushing service where the conditions and rules are extremely harsh to his living. Buck finally adapts to the harsh climate and has to fight other dogs to survive and show his dominance over the other dogs. At the end of the book Buck is on top of the dogs.
Jack London
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