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Web 2.0

Rıza Selçuk Saydam

Rıza Selçuk Saydam

on 7 May 2011

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Transcript of Web 2.0

Rıza Selçuk Saydam (RSS) Çankaya University ENG 206 | ID: 201022015 | Section 10 Thanks! ((: Rıza Selçuk Saydam (201022015) Something Interesting? WEB 2.0 What was Web 1.0?
What is Web 2.0?

What will change in Web 3.0? --People & Creating & Benefits & Power WWW The WORLD WIDE WEB 1991 Web 1.0 = read-only web Powerful

Magnanimous revolution the web as a PLATFORM Creating Users ADD Value

BLOGS user's voice on the Web Benefits and Power Software Web 1.5 my blogs Loyalty More than 500 million active users 50% of our active users log on to Facebook in any given day 250 million active users on mobile Reduce Cost Marketing | PR social media web 3.0 semantic web There are no products
only solutions! Summing UP Web 1.0 & 1.5 Web 2.0 Web 3.0 = find what you want organize world information read only web simple solutions, sharing, creating, everything Instructor: Yağgmur Sönmez webmaster@ok.net | www.rss-ems.com -
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