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Kevin Wu

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

LORD OF THE FLIES QUESTIONS CONNECTIONS CONCLUSION STANLEY MILGRAM OBEDIENCE TO AUTHORITY WORLD WAR II - REASONING BEHIND GENOCIDE USED TO STUDY: CONDUCTED IN 1963 AT YALE UNIVERSITY THE MILGRAM OBEDIENCE EXPERIMENT X THE MILGRAM OBEDIENCE EXPERIMENT LORD OF THE FLIES Characters Jack: The experimenter who tells the subjects all the instructions Piggy: The person who refused to follow the experimenter's orders and stopped the experiment Ralph: Was the experimenter but had a affect where he didn't enforce his commands Sam,Eric,Bill,Roger: All subjects who decided to follow Jack(The experimenter)'s orders People tend to follow orders given by an authoritative figure Human Nature makes it hard to defy orders Physical presence strengthens the urge to follow orders If multiple people obey or disobey the order the undecided tend to follow their decisions Jack is a perfect example of an experimenter almost forcing people to obey him 4 PRODS ('NUDGES'): PLEASE CONTINUE. THE EXPERIMENT REQUIRES YOU TO CONTINUE IT IS ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL THAT YOU CONTINUE. YOU HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE BUT TO CONTINUE QUOTE 1 “The group of cloaked boys began to scatter from close line.The tall boy shouted at them.‘Choir! Stand still!’Wearily obedient, the choir huddled into the line and stood there swaying in the sun. Non the less, some began to protest faintly.”(Golding 16) QUOTE 2 ‘He’s [Jack] a proper Chief, isn’t he?’Robert nodded.‘He’s going to take us hunting’...
...’He’s going to beat Wilfred.’‘What for?’Robert shook his head doubtfully.‘I don’t know. He didn’t say. He hot angry and made us tie Wilfred up. He’s been’ –he giggled excitedly – ‘he’s been tied for hours, waiting–‘‘But didn’t the Chief say why?’
‘I never heard him."
(Golding 176) "where's everybody?"Piggy sat up"p'raps they're lying in the shelter""where's samneric?""and bill?"Piggy pointed beyond the platform"that's where they've gone. Jack's party"
(Golding 163) QUOTE 3 STORY TIME QUESTION 1 Why do you think the test subjects in the experiment acted as they did? QUESTION 2 QUESTION 3 QUESTION 4 Does blind obedience to an authority figure appear mostly in children rather than adults? If so, why? Why are you standing? A PRESENTATION BY JASON LI, KEVIN WU, MICHAEL SINGH & SEAN CHIU [THE END] FOR STAYING AWAKE PAGES 165 - 166 THANK-YOU If you were asked to do something you would not want to do would you do it? What is the difference between rebellion and thoughtful disobedience? Power in Authority Jack - Experimenter

Piggy, Simon - 45 volts

Ralph - 150 volts

Sam,Eric,Bill everyone else - 450 volts

Roger - Not enough buttons to increase voltage Ralph - Experimenter

Everyone - 150 volts 4 PRODES (NUDGES): PLEASE CONTINUE. THE EXPERIMENT REQUIRES YOU TO CONTINUE. IT IS ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL THAT YOU CONTINUE. YOU HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE BUT TO CONTINUE People are not innately bad or evil themselves People with more power have more authority
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