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Samsung Group

No description

Zany Chew

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of Samsung Group

Samsung Group - The Business
Notable subsidiaries:
Samsung Heavy Industries
Samsung Engineering
Samsung C&T
Samsung Life Insurance
Samsung Everland
Samsung Electronics (Flagship)
Samsung Heavy Industries
One of the largest shipbuilding companies in the world
Engineering, procurement, construction and project management
Samsung Life Insurance
Largest insurance company in South Korea
Fortune Global 500 company
Largest IPO in South Korean history ($4.4b, $96/share)
Transformed the Mapo “Suicide” Bridge into the Bridge of Life
Flagship subsidiary of Samsung Group
How It Got To Its Size
Net income of $22.3 billion USD in 2012
Products: LCD & LED panels, semiconductors and digital devices
World’s largest manufacturer of mobile devices
World’s largest IT company by revenues since 2009
Samsung Electronics
Diversification into numerous industries
Early entrance into electronics, construction and shipbuilding industry
Successful Strategy
Enormous success of its subsidiaries
Strength of Electronics Sector
Marketing Prowess
Tremendous Production Power
Positive Corporate Brand Image
Diversification of Industries
Net Income:
Total Assets:
Influence Internationally
370 000 employees worldwide
Top global smartphone sales and market share
Top global flat panel TV market share
Big-time sponsor
Samsung Electronics is the World
Labour issues in China and Brazil
Influence Internationally
(Contentious Issues)
Overheating and exploding mobile phones
Samsung is a key supplier of iPhone components
Apple successfully sued Samsung $930 million USD for patent infringements
Built the first Arctic Shuttle-Tanker and Liquified Natural Gas-Floating Production Storage & Offloading units (LPG-FPSOs) in the world
Built the world's largest vessel, the Prelude FLNG
Burj Khalifa
Petronas Towers
Prelude FLNG
Influence in South Korea
No.1 chaebol in South Korea
Samsung Electronics: 20% of the country's GDP
Top choice chaebol for the country's best students
Permeates many different aspects of the lives of South Koreans
90,702 Employees
Influence in South Korea (Contentious Issues)
Samsung Slush Funds Scandal
Snapping up country’s best talents
Sheer extent of their domination
Leadership and power lies in the hands of Chairman and family
First public Korean engineering firm
Built the 2002 Seoul World Cup Stadium
Samsung Engineering
Construction of industrial facilities
Samsung C&T
Built the Burj Khalifa (tallest building in the world), Taipei 101 (3rd tallest) and Tower 2 of the Petronas Towers (4th tallest)
Consists of Engineering & Construction Group and Trading & Investment Group
Original company of Samsung Group
Net Income:
Total Assets:
*Figures in billions KRW
Putting Things into Perspective: Samsung Electronics vs LG
Employees Worldwide:

Marketing Expenditure:
$14 Billion USD

Market Share (Smartphone Shipments):
Putting Things into Perspective: Samsung Electronics vs Apple
Employees Worldwide:

Marketing Expenditure:
$1 Billion USD

Market Share (Smartphone Shipments):
Putting Things into Perspective: Samsung Electronics vs Apple
Largest South Korean amusement park with 6.85 million visitors in 2012
The de facto holding company of Samsung Group
Other businesses: Environment & Asset, Food and Resorts
Samsung Everland
Outline of Presentation
Samsung Group: The Business
How It Got To Its Size
Competitive Advantages
Influence in South Korea
Influence Internationally
Samsung has come a long way from being a small trader in 1923 to the global powerhouse it is today
In this technology-crazy era, Samsung is poised to continue its international dominance through the production of high-quality and innovative products
Samsung Official Website
“King of Samsung”
“In South Korea, The Republic of Samsung”
Samsung vs Apple
Samsung's Dominance
Group Daebak:
Brian Kok
Eunice Tham
Eustance Huang
Katherine Tan
Timothy Soo
Zany Chew
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