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Students Design for School

No description

Kara Dziobek

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Students Design for School

We put students in the driver's seat of a new kind of R&D to transform education? One that provided a platform for engaging students more fully in a real world effort that also involved faculty, principals, community members, and parents. Could we improve a student's education experience? Could we take it a step further and create an entirely new learning model? What it is Students Design for School [SD4S] is student-centered initiative by the Business Innovation Factory's [BIF]
Student Experience Lab.

The goal is to explore how good design can
improve the quality of experience for
students by not only listening to the voices
of the students but also engaging them in the conceptual development of wholly new educational experiences. Why it's important "Sometimes we have really great stuff and if [teachers and parents] don’t listen, they might just miss it." -Arlette, PVES Why It Matters One school's story... To learn how you can offer a similar program at your school, check out the
SD4S Student Design How-to Kit!
Visit us on the web at businessinnovationfactory.com/sxl. Children in the U.S. are some of the most technologically savvy people in the world. Constant innovation, change and technological developments have created a generation with unique skill sets and adaptability focused around technology.

Who better to critique, innovate and create a personal
learning environment
amidst all this change than
the students themselves?

That's what SD4S is all about. what if.... "Children are the consumers of education. They know what's good and bad about the design of their schools. So we need to listen to them and listen hard. Then, we stand a chance of designing better schools for the future."
-John Sorrell, Sorrell Foundation Through a 2-week program, the BIF team worked with 16 students to redesign their school..... but we first had to teach the students the basics with a little fun! Students then moved on to critique their own school experience. After brainstorming solutions, each group developed their ideas. “[Teachers] don’t know if they’re going too fast when they’re doing math or reading. They don’t know if one of our ideas would be good and better for our school and the community.” -Ciara, PVES An introduction to an entirely new way of thinking and doing that guides students to work together toward a goal with no singular answer.
New tools and skill sets to manage uncertainty and ambiguity.
Ability to break down large, complex problems into workable components.
Understanding for diversity and collaboration
Sense of purpose, empowerment and understanding that students can and should have a voice in the improvement of their school. SD4S Impact The students critiqued different types of gum and designed their own Chewing Gum Experience. Students then learned to communicate their designs in front of a group of school leaders and decision-makers. In May 2012, Pleasant View Elementary School in Providence, RI embarked on a pilot program to use technology to redesign the school. The redesign is intended to bolster the use of technology in everyday instruction.Through SD4S, Pleasant View also included 4th and 5th grade students in the redesign process by utilizing design principles to facilitate the school's improvement process. Getting students directly involved in improving their own experience is priority number one for the BIF Student Experience Lab.  SD4S is a great technique for engaging students in an ongoing internal school improvement process that is both interdisciplinary and action-oriented. The impact can be profound. THE POWER IS IN YOUR HANDS!
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