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gene mutations

Lillie and Jessica

Jessica Caron

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of gene mutations

by Jessica and Lillie
11-16-12 Gene Mutations Please enjoy our What are mutations? Point mutation Frameshift Mutations in Real Life - Mutations are heritable changes in genetic information.
-Gene mutations are known as point mutations or frameshift mutations. These include substitutions, insertions, and deletions 1.a mutation in the dna chain that occurs when the number of nucleotides is not divisible by three

2.this causes every thing else after it to be read incorrectly Common Mutations Presentation Substitutions -one base is changed to a different base

-usually only affects one amino acid Insertions Deletions Crazy Mutations Mermaid Syndrome (sirenomelia) Progeria 1.main problem for changing of genetics
2.little attention is paid to it because it is hard to type -certain parts are deleted 1.You share about 49.99 % of your genes with the guy next door. With her also the same amount. But there may be some mutations you have produced. Or received from them

2.some can be as normal as baldness
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