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American Service

No description

samantha sanchez

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of American Service

Definition of American Service
Brief history of American Service
Difference of American service from other types of service
Advantages and Disadvantages of American Service
Execution of American Service
Video Presentation
Dining in America was affected by the Puritan influence. There was only one purpose for eating:
to refuel the body
. To dine strictly for pleasure or enjoy the meal was thought to be bad.

- American service was and is still characterized by “food on the plate, no wait.” All food was put on one plate and served to the guest, as opposed to French service, where separate plates for vegetables were used.
- a great influx of French immigrants entered America, bringing their ways of serving food.
Brief History of American Service
Advantages and Disadvantages of American Service
Delmonico's Restaurant
- the great influx of immigrants was arriving in the United States, Delmonico’s opened in New York City. This restaurant gets the credit for teaching the American public how to enjoy fine dining. It also set the standard for elegance that all other restaurants in the United States tried to match. Delmonico’s offered the first à la carte menu, courteous service, private dining rooms, flowers, music, and fine wines to its guests (
Chapter 3 style of service and place setting,
2008 ).
American Service
Style of Service
American Service

is characterized by portioning all the food on the
dinner plate in the kitchen.

It is also referred to as plate service or German service.
It is the fastest of all types and requires the least amount of skill to wait on guests (
Chapter 3 styles of service and place setting,

Definition of American Service
Difference of American Service from other types of service
The main difference in serving food in
American service, as opposed to French and Russian service, is that
food is served from the guest’s left side with the service person’s left
hand, and all beverages are served from the guest’s right side with the
service person’s right hand.

Raymond J. Goodman
theorizes in his book The Management of Service that the practice of serving food from the guest’s left side occurred because Americans consume more beverages and more variety of beverages than Europeans (
Chapter 3 style of service and place setting,

Service is not as elaborate as in French or Russian service.
Less showmanship
Reduced personalized attention

It is a simple service to teach and learn.
A skilled staff is not necessary
The cost of equipment is low
Service is extremely fast.
Less dining room space is required for each guest.
More guests can be served.
Menu prices can be lower than in other services.
Quality control can be excellent

Execution of American Service

One service person generally works a station—a group of tables in an area of the room—containing between 14 to 18 seats.
Guests are seated. Foods are pre-portioned in the kitchen, arranged on plates and served by servers from the left.
Beverages are served from the right. Used dishes and glasses are removed from the right.
This is the most functional, common, economical, controllable and efficient type of service.
Foods are plated too far in advance, they could run together, discolor, or otherwise lose culinary quality (Shock, 2012).
Video Presentation
“The best customer service is if the customer doesn’t need to call you, doesn’t need to talk to you. It just works”.

- Jeff Bezos -
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