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Snowflake Bentley - Vocabulary Words

Vocabulary Words for the story Snowflake Bentley

Velda Jordan

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Snowflake Bentley - Vocabulary Words

Vocabulary Words Snowflake Bentley technique Foolishness Inspire Evaporate a certain way to do something that requires skill. being unwise you encourage people to act. disappear, usually as a gas or vapor. ex: the artist's technique is
obvious in his painting. ask: name activities for
which people might
develop a technique. ex: some think the idea of time
travel is foolishness. ask: what are some
other examples of
foolishness? ex: better grades
inspire me to do my
homework. ask: name ways to
inspire people. ex: in science class, we
saw the boiling water evaporate
into the air. ask: what other
things might evaporate? Microscope makes things appear larger ex: we looked at a leaf under the
microscope to see its veins. ask: what things
would you like to look at under a microscope? Magnify to make it bigger ex: we had to magnify the cell
several times in order to see it. ask: what is a
synonym for magnify? Negative a part of the film that shows
light areas as dark and dark as light. ex: we laughed at the
funny colors on the negatives. ask: can you think of other meanings of the word negatives? Blizzard a severe snowstorm. ex: snowplows cannot keep roads clear during a blizzard. ask: how is a blizzard similar to and different from a thunderstorm? Example or Nonexample Example or Nonexample Example or Nonexample Example or Nonexample Example or Nonexample Example or Nonexample Example or Nonexample Example or Nonexample
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