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Thursday 2.18.16

No description

Amy Swanson

on 18 February 2016

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Transcript of Thursday 2.18.16

Thursday 2.18.16
Link It
At one station, you will work to improve your ability to write successful "link it" sentences.
At the WODs station, you will use this week's WODS as well as some from the past to write interview questions for a celebrity of your choice. If you complete the questions, you will choose two WODs to represent in a drawing.
Today, you will cycle through four stations. You will move with a group of your peers and will spend ten minutes at each station.
Do Now
"A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love."
Max Muller

Exit Ticket
Now that you've had a chance to work with "link it" statements a little bit, it's time to show us you know! You will be given an exit ticket with a claim and one piece of textual evidence. Write the best
"link it" statement you can to connect the evidence back to the claim.
Copy the quote completely and accurately including the author's name. Then, respond meaningfully. Also, have you written something for "
something new I'm thinking about the topic
Friedrich Max Müller (6 December 1823 – 28 October 1900), generally known as Max Müller, was a German-born philologist and Orientalist, who lived and studied in Britain for most of his life. He was one of the founders of the western academic field of Indian studies and the discipline of comparative religion.[1] Müller wrote both scholarly and popular works on the subject of Indology. The Sacred Books of the East, a 50-volume set of English translations, was prepared under his direction. He also promoted the idea of a Turanian family of languages and Turanian people.
Stations Work
At the grammar station, you will work to identify problems with comma splices and run-on sentences using the website "Grammar Bytes."
At the roots station, you will complete the Picto Quiz using the answer sheet. After you have completed the quiz, brainstorm words using this week's roots with your group.
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