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The Paleo Native Americans

No description

Akaela Scott

on 25 August 2013

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Transcript of The Paleo Native Americans

The Paleo Native Americans
The beginning

About 10,000 BCE the Paleo Native Americans migrated from Asia to the Americas using the land bridge ( Beringia). These people were nomads who crossed the arctic bridge in search of food. This ( which was the first culture of North America) ended about 10,000 years ago.
The Paleo people were nomads who hunted for food. Their diet consisted of large animals such as: mammoths,,bison,ground sloths, and mastodons. They often wondered from place place following these herds,
Because these people were nomads they were constantly moving around without attachments . They made their homes from mammoths, husks and sticks. They were very simple and really only wanted to survive.Paleo were very smart because they always had a fresh perspective.These people often lived near marshes and lakes. They traveled in small family groups. Like people today, they often had dogs with them, because people had domesticated dogs by then. These earliest people found protection in caves or shelters made of brush. Danger Cave, near Wendover, is a world-famous site where they lived, played, worked, and died.
Even though there are very little remains of these people, I believe they are the strongest and most travailing people of American history simply because they lived in a time when the world was changing and they continued to persevere and adapt. The Paleo Native Americans may not have had much to work with but they had drive and heart. Based from my readings I feel that they were the foundation and corner stone of their people's culture. I also believe that they were the first democracy because they worked together in order to achieve one common goal: survival. If only present day America could follow the example of its first people they would be no need to fight and we would all live in harmony.
In order to kill these animals these people created weapons. Some for example are:The Clovis Point and arrow.
Paleos left very little records of their lives. Archeologists have very little information about Paleo Indians beliefs, religion, language, celebrations, mourning, ceremonies, and culture such as dance and family relationships. The Paleos became extinct 9,000 years ago, taking with them the secrets of their existence.. However, it is believed they practiced certain rituals involving fire. Much like the one pictured below.
Many of their artifacts from the Paleo period have been found in the Savanna river, Ocmulgee river, and flint river area.
Back in the Paleo time period witting was not yet in use, so stores were passed orally from generation to generation.
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