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Alice and Wonderland

For E.C. Martinez' class

Fernando Salinas

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Alice and Wonderland

118 pages
By Lewis Carroll Alice In Wonderland Final Technology Project Presented by Fernando Salinas Jr. to E.C. Martinez
8th Advanced
Period 5 Vocabulary Words Hookah: A tobacco bowl with a flexible tube that draws smoke through water.
Dormouse: An agile rodent found in Africa and Eurasia.
Provoke: Stimulate someone by arousing anger inside of them.
Quarrel: An angry argument or disagreement.
Knave: A dishonest man; a rogue or scoundrel. More Vocabulary Words Barrow: Basically another word for Barrel. Thistle: A type of plant related to the daisy and typically prickly. Morsel: A small piece or amount of food.Contempt: Ignorance of something that should be taken into account.Cheshire: a county western of Central England. Setting "So she was considering in her own mind whether the pleasure of making a daisy-chain would be worth the trouble of getting up and picking the daisies..." Page #19 It all takes place in the garden but all her adventures are in her head during her dream Protagonist The protagonist in the classic novel I read, Alice In Wonderland, is a little blonde girl named Alice. Towards the end of the story, she is woken up by her sister who tells her "Why, what a mighty long sleep" she has had, and Alice responds with "I've had such a curious dream!" She is the main protagonist in the book because the story revolves around her and her adventures in her made up Wonderland. Antagonist The main antagonist in the classic novel, Alice Wonderland, The Queen of Hearts is the main antagonist. I say this because she is always "executing" people who appose or anger her by saying "Off with their heads!" You could literally say that she is the "heart" of the conflict. Symbols Notable Quotes From The Book Alice- "CURIOUSER AND CURIOUSER!"
(page 26)
Queen of Hearts- "Off with her head!"
(page 79)
Alice- "Who in the world am I?"
(page 28) Music Art Sonnet Bibliography Book Review Alice In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll is a great novel for readers with patience. It seems as though the author digresses from the main plot many times during the story. Although overall, this novel was slightly interesting.
The beginning of this book starts out with a young Alice by a riverbank where she sees a white rabbit muttering to himself about how late he is, she follows the rabbit down a hole. When she inevitably lands, she finds herself in a long hallway with a table and a key on it, the door that is opened with the key is much to small for her to get in, she then finds a bottle that says "drink me" She drinks it and becomes tiny but now cannot get the key on the table. She then finds a pastry labeled "eat me." she eats it and turns into a giant. She then starts crying so much the rooms fills up with tears up to her knees and she soon gets small again and it caught in an ocean of tears. She finds a rat and after have an unusual race, she mentions her cat to the mouse and his friends and she is now by herself again. She then wanders of into a forest finding a caterpillar smoking a hookah. After arguing and eating of some mushrooms, she is now normal size.
Next, she meets the Cheshire cat which informs her that everyone in Wonderland is crazy including herself. He gives directions to The hare's house, she then sees the hare, the mad hatter, and the dormouse having a tea. She is treated rudely by the 3 and leaves to the forest and finds a tree which leads her to the great hall she was in, grabs the key and uses the mushroom to get into the garden. After entering the garden, she plays a croquet game with the Queen of Hearts who tells her she needs to visit the mock turtle to listen to his story. She is sent to go see the turtle with a gryphon as her escort. She tells them both about her strange adventures and after hearing the turtles story they hear an announcement about a trial and the gryphon takes her back to where the croquet game was played.
During the trial of the tart thief, Alice notes that the King of Heart's accusations are nonsense. In response to this, The Queen of hearts orders her beheading. She then grows into a giant again and knocks over all of the playing card soldiers.
She then finds herself woken up on the river bank in the beginning of the book. It turned out to be all inside of her dream. Alice then tells her sister about all her adventures in Wonderland. Lewis Carroll has some very strong symbols in his novels. But Although there are many Symbols in Alice In Wonderland, the Cheshire Cat came off as a very important one in this novel. His roll in this story, and his abilities disappear feel like they give off a very visible symbol in this story. He represents the sanity of either the people in Wonderland, or Alice herself. While in the tree talking to Alice, he tells her that "[They're] all mad," and that "she must be." The fact that the cat can vanish could symbolize the idea that the cat represents our protagonists sanity, and that it, just like the cat, is vanishing into thin air. It also just so happens that after her encounter with the cat Alice meets possibly the 3 most man characters in the book, The mad hatter, the hare and the dormouse. BY
MC ESCHER Tone Not many tones can be said about this book. The main tone of this story would be silly and a little scary. During the whole book she is on a random adventure with no real plot line and no real mood during the story. The main character is just being confused and scared by randoms people and creatures of all shapes and sizes. When she is in the hallway she was driven to tears. When she is talking to the caterpillar she was confused by his speaking a questions. After the tea party she felt annoyed and confused. Then when she is playing croquet with the queen she was baffled and scared by the playing equipment. The only time it seems like she is comfortable is when she is telling the turtle and the gryphon her tales in Wonderland. That gave off more of a sympathetic tone. But other than that one part, the whole novel is full of confusion and scariness. Carroll Lewis. Alice in Wonderland Strand: First Signet Classic , 1960


<https://www.google.com/search?q=mc+escher&btnK=&um=1&ie=UTF8&hl=en&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=Y7qQUdayGYLoqAGRl4DACg&biw=1366&bih=667&sei=ZrqQUej5OcSbqwHNwoGoCg> I have no idea where I am
There is absolutely no way out
There is no trolley nor a tram
I am never leaving there is no doubt
Everything I consume causes me to me change
I have no friends I am alone
There is no family in the farthest range
I really wish I could create a clone
The creatures here are creepy and confusing
I really want to leave and never return
There are only a handful of things amusing
My real home with my sister is what I yern
I now hope poison is what fills my cup
I drink willingly and now I hear "wake up" OFF WITH THEIR HEAD!! Theme A couple themes can come out of this novel. But the one I think is most suitable for it is that Life's challenges, like the ones in this book are meaningless. Alice starts to find out that things like the Caucus race and the croquet match are things that dont really have a resolution or goal. Those games were just meaningless. This is similar to the way life sometimes doesn't meet its expectations. Carroll is making a point about the reality of life. He is saying that life and many of its challenges or meaningless.
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