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Gore - Sarah Ellis

No description

Kira Proulx

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of Gore - Sarah Ellis

Sarah Ellis Gore Conflict Plot Diagram Man vs. Man:
Amy and her brother, Lucas get into a verbal argument after he steals her book.

Man vs. Self:
Amy fights the aliens that she made up in her head.

Man vs. Supernatural:
Amy struggles against the aliens that are trying to make her eat their strange food. Characters Figures Of Speech Similes:
Amy compares to her brother to an "unevolved thugoid."
Amy compares herself to the United Nation's calling for help during war, just as she relies on her parents for help when her brother is bothering her.
She says that the mysterious being moved her to her living room "Like a powerful, persistent and silent wind."
When Amy falls to the floor she says that she's like a stone, a piece of raw meat.
After Amy drops the phone while calling 9-1-1, she compares the swinging phone to a pendulum. Setting and Mood Setting:
Amy and Lucas' house, specifically the front entrance, hallway, bathroom, and living room.

The reader feels emotions that are scary, suspenseful, intense, and dramatic while reading this story. Challenging Words Fetid : smelling extremely unpleasant
Noxious : harmful or unpleasant
Thugoid : a person who moves in a sluggish manner
Boon : a benefit to others
Repertoire : a stock of plays, dances or pieces that a performer knows in order to perform Genre We know that Gore is a science fiction story, because it refers to "strange beings" that are not real. They are just a figment of her imagination. Amy is reading her book by herself. Lucas steals her book & hides in the bathroom. Amy answers the door and strange beings walk into her house. The aliens take Amy to the living room and they try to make her eat their food. She calls her brother for help but he ignores her. Amy escapes the Aliens grasps and runs to the kitchen to call 9-1-1. Amy calls to her brother and tells him to escape while he can. Amy tricks her brother into coming out of the bathroom and runs in to take back her book. Amy Protagonist. Her character is round, because we see different sides of her throughout the story. She is static because her personality doesn't change. She's unique because she is not the typical character. Lucas Antagonist. His character is flat, because we only see one side to his personality. He is stereotypical, because he is the mean older brother. He is dynamic, because he has a change of heart at the end of the story. The Aliens Antagonist. They are flat because we don't learn anything about them. They are stereotypical, because they're the typical "evil aliens" from all the movies. They are flat because they only have one side. Metaphors:
Amy compares her lying to Lucas to the "chocolate cheesecake" of false bribery.
When Amy sees the face of the Aliens, she says their skin is a cob-web of wrinkles, an old cracked plate. Hyperbole:
While Amy waits for 9-1-1 to answer the phone, she says she has to wait through a century of rings. Thesis Interesting Excerpt "Beads of milky liquid ooze out of the yellow eyes, now dull and bloodshot, and begin to rain down upon my face. They are warm, then cold and solid. The quavery, rusty voice floats down to me. "You. Are. The. New. One. Now." With a strength I didn't know I had, I forced myself up. I beat away the mask face, and push aside the shimmering air of the room through which my scream is still echoing. Chairs and side tables fall as I crash past them. Magazines fly through the air and crash against the wall"......"I reach the phone in the hall just outside the bathroom door. I grab the receiver. I dial emergency. I wait through a century of rings. Finally someone answers." The moral of this short story is that it is more useful to be smart than strong. Lucas thinks he can antagonize Amy by stealing her book, but in the end, she uses her intelligence to steal her book back. Even though Lucas is stronger and more athletic than Amy, she is still able to outsmart him and win in the end. THE END
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