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CCIVS introduction 2017


Ling You

on 29 January 2018

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Transcript of CCIVS introduction 2017


international networks

@ccivs_volunteer @raising_peace
International Network of IVS Includes:
Concrete ACTIVITIES for 2015:

- Seminar on communication
- Peace Action Weeks
- Awareness Raising Actions
- Final Conference
- Global Communication Campaign
- Affiliated actions by members
World Heritage Volunteers Campaign
is directed and supervised by the World Heritage Centre (WHC) in collaboration with CCIVS as the general coordination, European Heritage Volunteers in charge of the Europe coordination and Better World in charge of Asia coordination.
Concrete OBJECTIVES for Raising Peace 2015:

- to increase capacities within the movement for the promotion of human rights and peace;
- to spread awareness and influence for the development of central human rights issues in
- to develop the networking among IVS organisations involved in Human Rights and Peace;
- to consolidate the initiative for a long-term programme
CCIVS Structure
“STEP to Change”
is the result of a long-term process implemented through diverse initiatives since 2011,
it is a strategic step for organisational development
in the IVS movement, through global needs assessment, empowerment of
organisations in 4 regions and a global research
of the impact of IVS.
IVS for Climate Justice
, created in the wake of the Common Declaration to the COP21 showcases the environmental projects of the IVS movement. Uniting under this common banner improves & strengthens our visibility & advocacy actions.

In 2018/19 CCIVS
will implement a project uniting different institutions to focus specifically on
Rights to Health Housing and Food and to a Sustainable Life with Dignity
, including capacity building, promotion and communication on sustainable food production and healthy natural housing.

The actions include:
Forum on volunteering & Climate Justice taking place in UNESCO,
Training on Bio-construction (Ecuador), on Sustainable Food production (India)
9 month follow up process with online and offline learning tools.

This project celebrates both tangible and intangible heritage. The participating organisations proposed actions which focus on food, culture, language, cultural and natural sites indigenous traditions etc.
Stakeholders Forum - Paris 2017
Training Volunteer and Heritage Management Uganda and France 2017
Local Actions 2017
Final Meeting 2018
Impact Measurement 2018
KA3 Volunteering
#IVS4Peace, Inclusive Voluntary Service 4 Peace

Project Partners :

Tools testing with all members of the networks during workcamp season.

Summary :
The general objective of “#IVS4Peace, Inclusive Voluntary Service 4 Peace” is to favour the social inclusion process of young people with fewer opportunities, migrants and refugees. This purpose will be achieved by providing concrete opportunities for social inclusion to the target group and by improving the capacity of the organisations involved in the project. Moreover, the project results will be upscaled and disseminated to encourage social change through policy recommendations.
The project intends to map the current best practices, tools and working methods available in the organisations belonging to 3 networks (CCIVS, Alliance, YEN) in order to pinpoint the best contributions in the area of social inclusion. The aim of this process is to compile the existing practices, in order to improve them, to test them and to create a final set of tools for social inclusion that will be upscaled and disseminated.
Raising Peace
is the CCIVS programme for Peace and Human Rights it aims to multiply and deepen the impact of International Voluntary Service (IVS) actions on Human Rights through advocacy, non-formal education training and capacity building, empowerment of activists and organisations, communication and visibility.

The priority areas are on the
Rights of Migrant and Refugee Peoples, Freedom of Movement and Universal Civil Rights; Rights to Food & Housing, and to a Sustainable Life with Dignity; Rights related to Gender, Sexuality and Personal Bodily Autonomy; the Right to Live in Peace, at local, regional and international level; the Right to Participate: how citizens should be involved in issues of HRs and Peace.

The Global Human Rights Week vision:
Only through commitment and action, which brings positive change, will it be possible to guarantee the rights that every person has in common and deserves equally: human rights

In 2018:
- Global meeting to define the future strategy of RP
- Local Actions
- Training for Peace Trainers (Turkey)
- Digital Event Promotion RP
- Global Human Rights Week
KA3 Volunteering
#IVS4Peace, Inclusive Voluntary Service 4 Peace

“#IVS4Peace, Inclusive Voluntary Service 4 Peace” aims to support the social inclusion process of 180 young people with fewer opportunities, migrants and refugees in volunteer projects.

#IVS4Peace intends to map the current best practices, tools
and working methods focusing on social inclusion from the
International Voluntary Service movement, to compile,
select, improve and test them and finally to create a set of
tools for social inclusion which can be freely disseminated.

The Alliance of European Voluntary Service organisations,
The Network Youth of European Nationalities
and member organisations of CCIVS and Alliance: Egyesek Hungary, Solidarités Jeunesses France, Elix Greece and CBB Belgium.
Over 200 IVS organisations will support the process by ‘testing the tools’ during the final stages
Networking meetings 2018
Management Meetings 2018-20
Laboratories 2018-19
Implementation 2018-20
Follow up by youth workers 2018-20
Impact Measurement 2018-20
Final Conference

Policy recommendations
Tool kit online and offline
Trainings Foreseen for 2018 in :
Volunteer Mentoring and Management
Leadership from the Inside out
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