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Engaging Information Literacy

Alternative assignments to the traditional research paper.

Pamela Flinton

on 23 July 2014

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Transcript of Engaging Information Literacy

Engaging Information Literacy
Create a Wikipedia Entry
Make it a class project

Make it real - post it publicly

Read about it (Pomona College ) - http://alturl.com/y23bg
Prepare for and Conduct an Interview
Encourages gathering information prior to interview

Requires synthesizing previous information with new information gained during the interview

Can be conducted in a variety of ways, including phone camera, podcast, YouTube Video
Have a Debate
Have students prepare for a debate

Requires researching both sides of a topic

Works well with controversial topics

Require a sources list
Glogster.com - Poster
Create an online poster to present to class

Require 5 minute talk to introduce poster

Require research and sources for information
Support or Refute an Editorial
Students locate and read an editorial on topic

Find facts to support or refute the editorial

Sources of information must be annotated
Create a Pathfinder
Each student researches a narrow topic within the broader class discussion to share with the class

Include short introductory paragraph

Pathfinders should contain:
best reference books
other books and videos
key databases (not only Academic Search Complete!)
appropriate journals
helpful websites

Annotate each source
Assignments that spark!
Annotated Bibliography
Students locate a given number of specified types of sources for an approved topic.

Annotate each source
reason why this source was INITIALLY selected
how this source was found (search terms, following a citation, etc.
Could have them more thoroughly read and indicate whether it proved to be useful or not
Find more!
Alternatives to the research paper:

Alternatives to the traditional research paper:

Your Goucher College Library Instruction Team!
reference@goucher.edu or any librarian!
Inventive Resources
Concept Mapping: http://olc.spsd.sk.ca/de/pd/instr/strats/conceptmap

Digital Storytelling: http://digitalstorytelling.coe.uh.edu

Glogster Online Poster: http://edu.glogster.com

Visual Thinking: http://inspiration.com/visual-learning

Mind Mapping: http://mindmapping.com

Your Goucher College Library Instruction Team!
Active Approaches to Info Lit
Authorship Approach to Information Literacy

Learning-by-doing model of self-authorship

Combining self-authorship with a public audience using technologies
Hodge, Magold and Haynes (2009) describe it as “questioning trusted authority and leaving the safety of comfortable ways of seeing the world to explore multiple perspectives and construct one’s own beliefs, values, and vision.”

Source:Designer Librarian, http://designerlibrarian.wordpress.com/2013/11/04/the-authorship-approach-to-information-literacy/
Article Pairs
Have students locate a fairly recent scientific or medical article in a mainstream source (newspapers & magazines) about a topic of interest

Identify the primary source of information

Locate the primary source in a scholarly journal

Discuss the relationship between the two articles. Was the original article represented properly? did the mainstream add anything to the discussion?

Not merely a summarization, but synthesizing findings into a coherent argument.
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