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Copy of Present

Business presentation, projects overview, and company remarks.

Erick Kuri

on 28 December 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Present

Headquarter in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mx.
Electrical and mechanical contractor for the industry
Experts in more than 10 different services fields
More than 18 year of operation in all the Country
80 Base employees (engineers, accountants, managers, etc).
Flexible operators and technical crew, up to 1,000 employees in a project
5 consecutive years with increased revenue
“Offer services such as software design, development, installation and assembly of electromechanical equipments, automation, electrical control, conveyors and industrial services of high quality that satisfy and exceed our customer’s expectative, based on continuous improvement of our process and resources”
Arturo Porras arrive in 1986 to the installation of a new automotive plant in Hermosillo, the biggest investment at that time, and from that moment he starts offering mechanical services to the sector and to the new plant.

In other hand Antonio Sandin start as an electrical sales representative with the new plant in Hermosillo, getting a direct supplier code. In 1996 Mr. Porras and Mr. Sandin decide to join forces and founded P&S Ingenieria Electromecanica S.A. de C.V.

With this company the group start to offer electrical and mechanical services to the automotive sector, developing a strong path since then, with a strong commercial relation between more than 30 customers in Mexico.
“We are a company that offers services for the development of engineering, fabrication and installation projects of electrical and mechanical systems for the industry, using the experience, knowledge and adequate resources for solve our costumer’s needs”
P&S establish its vision based in the following areas, for the objectives achievements:
HUMAN RESOURCES: Consolidate an organizational structure and a work culture using the correct methods for work and focusing in the persons that allow their personal development.
COSTUMERS: Keep and attract new clients, with high quality levels and maintaining a service culture.
ENVIROMENT: Orientate our company to new markets using marketing techniques.
COMPETITION: Develop competitive advantage, with resources optimization.
FINANCE: Achieve the revenue of all the projects, keeping healthy finances.
GLB Management was created in 2008 as a Joint Venture between local companies to add more services that can be offered to our costumers
Conveyor design, supply and fabrication, such as Power and Free, WebAlloy, Skillets, Frictions conveyors, etc.
Electrical and Mechanical installation contractor, Engineering, Management and electronic repair
With more than 15 installation and engineering projects in different regions, between 1996 and 2009 for several costumers, with sales over 10 Millions of USD
Electrical and Mechanical Installation of 2 bottle Pet production Lines, service pipes for filling process, electrical engineering and modification of new electrical substation, between many others.
Coca-Cola, Monterrey, N.L.
Electrical and Mechanical Installation of 1 new coca cola filling production line, new electrical substation and new services pipings.
Hermosillo, Son
Electrical and Mechanical Installation of 1 new prodution PET bottle line, new services and power supply
On 2006 - 2007 P&S won a project of 1.5 Million USD for installation of process equipment in a gold and silver mine, and During 2009 and 2010 we worked for a new Cement plant at Holcim Apasco
Mina Dolores Chihuahua
Electrical and Mechanical Installation of serveral production equipment for the final process of refineree of a silver and gold mine, including piping, rigging and electrical power feed.
Is the most important business sector for P&S, keeping a strong
commertial relation
between two important costumers
Ford Hermosillo
Stamping Area
Press Repair, change of broken main gear and repair of con rods for 2 presses
Change of electrical control in mobile bolsters, interpress and change end of line layout, installation of new safety devices, new tonage monitors for all lines (4 lines),
Paint Shop Area
Design, Supply and fabrication of new paint booth Enamel #2
Supply and installation of new paint systems for clearcoat, includes pumping equipment, supports, SS pipes and drops
Others projects, like VIN Number robot install, pipe for sludge pit, installation several new conveyor power and free, cooling tunels, etc, phosphate and ecoat tanks modifications, etc.
Final Assembly Area
Design, Supply and fabrication of differnt lift assist, pneumatic fixtures, and ergonomic tools for operators, several applications
Supply, design, fabrication and installation of different conveyors in all the area, such as door conveyor, engine conveyor, storage conveyor, etc.
Several other projects to fabricate & install material racks, new mezanines, new control equipment, software, andon systems, etc.
Body Shop Area
Electrical, mechanical and control design for the new skilets conveyor
Installation of electrical chargers for forklift in all plant
Electrical installation and control support for the installation of 2 new friction conveyors at the new extension area in bodyshop

Located in Cuautitlan Estado de Mexico, this plant invest for a new model production between 2008 - 2010, having some important projects for our group.
Ford Cuautitlan
Body Shop Area
Design, Supply and fabrication of 2 new friction conveyors for the new process, includes the structural calculation and supply of all electrical, control and mechanical equipment.
Paint Shop Area
Electrical and mechanical removal of all paint booths of the plant, including the cleaning of the area
Underbody and sealer deck high preassure piping supply and installation, pipe of schedule 160 for 6000 lbs of preassure
On 2006-2008, GM built this new Stamping and Asembly plant, and we participated in paint area with some important projects through the integrator Giffin Inc.
GM San Luis Potosi
Paint Shop Area
Mechanical installation and welding of the new spray booth ventury
Mechanical installation of the building cealing reinforcements and some upper beams
Differents projects in 3 areas of the plant, Paint, Body and Final Assy; projects like new plastic enclosure in paintshop, supply and installation of new booth walls, new paint systems, new control design in body for cockpit conveyor, electrical control for engine conveyor, new power and free on bodyshop, etc.
GM Ramos Arizpe
Electrical and Mechanical Installation of 4 coca cola filling production line, new electrical substations, relocate sugar and syrup tanks, new services pipings, new fire protection pipe, between others.
Mechanical assembly of a production line for glass bottles of beers in Tierra Blanca Veracruz
Corona, Veracruz
La Paz, B.C.S.
Mexicali, B.C.N.
GM Silao, Gto
On 2010 - 2011 GM Silao made a big investment on automatic equipment for the paintshop (Primer, Basecoat and Clearcoat), having P&S as a Prime Integrator, engineering and installation for the Paintshop new project, making this the biggest project in P&S History of more than 5 million USD for 1 contract.
Remarcs: First time that the install is performed during production
Remarc: No safety incident at all project
18 Side bells Removed
16 Robots P-155 with 8 rails removed
32 Trailers where unloaded
68 new robots Installed in 5 different zones
Supply and fabrication of 390' of paint booth
All this installation in only 25 days of Shutdown.
Giffin as an Integrator invite us to participate in the fabrication of new ED tanks, containers and new PVC booth for the Toyota plant in winter of 2005
Toyota, Tijuana
Paint Shop Area

Other important field for P&S with more than 15 years of expierence and aproximatly 300 robotic arms installed all over mexico, with 2 major costumers:
One of our main services to offer, where we play as electromechanical contractor or subcontractor of any need in any application, our general services within this mode are:

Electromechanical Systems
Lighting Systems (General areas or critical processes)
Process Piping
Process Equipment
Power supply wiring, power and control
Tubing of critical processes
Works inside of highly explosive areas (Paint Booths, solvent areas, clean rooms, etc)
Welding (MIG, Electrical, argon, etc)
Electrical and Mechanical
We have extensive experience in the assembly and installation of any equipment that requires your process, just like to mention some examples of equipment rigging and install:

Robots Arms for different applications (painting, welding, etc.).
Parts stamping presses
Chillers and industrial refrigeration equipment
Complete production lines
Transformers, substations and electrical equipment
Installation of conveyor systems
Installation, Integration
and turn-key projects
Calculations and development of electromechanical systems and processes required, including electrical and mechanical calculations for expansion and new construction, among others, some examples are:

Structural calculations, for static and dynamic structures
Design of structures
Paint Booths ReEngineering and adecuations (3D Layouts)
Electrical and structural calculation
Electrical Distribution Plans
Power Load Tables
Process Flow Diagrams
Piping and instrumentation diagrams for processes
Calculation and design of piping systems services such as water, compressed air, gas, steam and condensate, between others
and Design
We develop as a link between the costumer and responsible for carrying out the project, establishing, executing and implementing various development and control tools such as:

Bid’s (Made comparative competitive packages and benchmarks for making decisions)
Schedule of work (evaluating the continued progress and control over the projects)
Cost control and this control system aided inventory, surveying and information management
Daily control of progress and work, based on daily work logs, the program of activities and various other tools
Coordination of meetings and communication between contractor and costumer
Project Management
Counting on a wide experience in the design and manufacture of some systems such as:

Industrial Laminates
Paint booths fabrication (Sheet metal)
Metal work
Pneumatic systems
JIGS, and Fixtures
Ergonomic Fixtures
Lift Plattforms, turntables, etc.
Racks for material and handling, etc.
Conveyor systems (Power and free, Friction, skillets, etc)
and Supplies
We have a technitian group specialized in the electronics repair for the industry, some examples of the equipment that we repair are:

Circuits boards for differents applications and brands, like Siemens, Allen-Bradley, Fanuc, SquareD, Rockwell, ABB, etc.
Panel views, LCD displays, led screens, etc
PLC's, Controllers, motherboards, frecuency variators, etc.
Power supply, No break, Control transformers
Electronic Repair
Our Joint venture with Control-E allow us to offer the following services:

Error proofing
Maintenance monitoring systems
Process monitoring systems
Automated assembly lines (Conveyors)
Barcode & RF Tag systems
Vision systems
PLC Systems
Custom Automation Web based Applications
Intranet real time monitoring systems
Tracking & traceability systems
Data collection (WiFI, RF tags)
Factory Information Systems
Panel Assembly
Modular & Conduit Wiring
Panel & Machine Wiring
Electrical Control and Automation
December 2011


Why P&S??
Service provider with ISO 9001 Certification with more than 20 Years of expierence in the service contractor field

Safety departament with procedures for work in the industry, assuring "0" incidents in projects, certified by safety and health mexican rules.

High quality in service and in the projects objectives.

Experts in handling and controlling projects with modern tools like MS projects, Opera, Primavera, Excell, etc.

High level of accomplish in time all projects.

Lifting equipment owner, having forklift, cranes, power generators, machinery etc.

Project managers with preparation by the PMI (Project Managers Institute).

All our projects prices are highly competibles.
Contact Information:
Main Offices: Bulevard Seris #9, Parque Industrial, Hermosillo, Sonora
Office Phones: 01152+662.251.09.02
Fax: 01152+ 662.251.09.07

Key Contacts:
Arturo Porras (Director) - aporras@pys.com.mx
Antonio Sandin (Director) - asandin@pys.com.mx
Erick Kuri (Manager) - ekuri@pys.com.mx
Julio Quinonez (Operations) - jquinonez@pys.com.mx
One of our most important costumers, The Stamping and assembly plant located in Hermosillo Sonora, Mex, have a complete history of projects with P&S over 15 years of commertial relation. Next is a brief resume of the most important ones

During the past years we have an "In-House" maintenance group inside of Ford Hermosillo, the objetive is to make a preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance to all the equipment, tools and operative fixtures according TPM & TCM standards. Also we offer electronic repairs services
Ford Hermosillo Maintenance
repairs laboratory
Currently we maintain a blanket PO for the repair of all electronic devices of Ford Hermosillo plant. For example PLC's, circuits boards, Frecuency Variators, Panel views, etc.
Under the contract of either Fanuc or ABB, we had install approximately 100 robot arms in this Ford plant, since the 1st robotic project in 1997 until 2011, a long history of projects have been written
Ford, Hermosillo
Installation of about 50 Robots arms for paint shop in this plant. including the first "Glass Booth" in all country, that is window from floor to plenum, all this installed in a 10 day shutdown
Chrysler, Satillo
Installation of 18 Robot arms for the baseocat application in the new Paint shop plant
GM, San Luis
Installation of 50 robot arms in clearcoat area, primer and basecoat, installing the first P-700 robots, 3D rigging simulation, new booth design, fabrication and install, etc.
GM, Ramos
Paint Shop
Electrical and mechanical installation of new P700 fanuc robots, new booth design, fab and supply, installation of sealer new megacell, installation of VIN robots, between many others
Stamping area
Installation over 30 ABB robot single arms for handling material between presses and at end of line and first of line, new centering station, new fencing install, etc.
General Areas
Cement Plant,
Apasco Hermosillo
Apply primer, enamel and epoxy painting for all the steel, tanks, plates and equipment for the new plant before and after installation
Installation of welding robotic cells, Hood, Dash, Sub Assy, etc. installation of press, mezanines, rigging and handiwork, etc.
Magna, SFT
ISO 9001 Certification
Construction of Offices in industrial Park
P&S Offices, Downtown Hermosillo
New Company logo Design
New Offices at Industrial Park, Hermosillo
Q1 Preferr supplier recognition
PMI Training
During the installation of new automation equipment and the help of SMC products, we could install booster equipment for compress air lines, allowing to use the plant compressors at 75 PSI and with the booster help obtain 120 PSI on each drop.
GM, Silao
Energy Saving
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