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Timeline of Buddhism

No description

max wilson

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Timeline of Buddhism

500 bce
400 bce
300 bce
200 bce
100 bce
100 ce
200 ce
300 ce
400 ce
500 ce
480 bce siddhartha born in kapilavastu
430 bce Buddha reaches inlightenment
405 bce buddha dies. First buddhist council in Rajagrha.
350 bce second buddhist council at Vaisali.
325 bce Alexander the Great takes over india.
300 bce buddhisim spreads to south east asia
272 bce Emperor Asoka takes throne.
250 bce third buddhist council at Sri Lanka
247 bce mahinda introduces Buddhism to Sri Lanka
0-100 ce indian buddhists settle in southeas asia
372 ce Chinese monks bring buddhism to china
420 ce buddhist shools appear in china
600 ce
700 ce
800 ce
900 ce
527 ce Korea exepts buddhisim
552 ce
buddhisim enters japan
741 ce a Japanese Emperor orders a Buddhist temple to be built in every province
1000 ce
1100 ce
1200 ce
1300 ce
1400 ce
1360 ce Buddhism becomes state religion of Thailand.
Timeline of Buddhism
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