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How Loneliness Leads To Self Harm

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Patricia Luong

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of How Loneliness Leads To Self Harm

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com Did you know? What is Loneliness? - Causes people to...
Feel alone
Feel unwanted
Feel empty
Crave human contact Demi Lovato - Eating disorders (Bulimia)
- Bullied as a child
- Started cutting at 11
- Bipolar disorder
- Surrounded herself with bad people
- Drugs/alcohol Jonichi, 22 year old man How Loneliness relates to Self Harm Causes of Self Harm: - Difficulty with friends, relationships. partners
- Bullied at home, school, work
- Feeling unconnected to the world
- Emptiness/numbness
- Anxiety (NHS choices: Self-Harm-Causes) - 1 in 5 females and 1 in 7 males engage in self injury
- 90% of people who self harm begin as adolescents
- 50% of those who begin to self harm at the age of 14 carry on into their 20's What is self harm? Can include but not limited to:
- Eating disorders
- Substance abuse
- Cutting
- Burning
- Picking/reopening wounds
- Punching
- Bone Breaking
- Hair Pulling Self harm:
the act of deliberately harming your own body
It is the inability to cope in healthy ways with psychological pain.
The mix of emotions is the trigger that causes the self harm. (Healthy Place: Self Injury, Self Harm Statistics and Facts) (Healthy Place- Self injury, Self Harm Statistics and Facts) (ehealth forum: Because I'm Lonely) "I have no friends and I don't really let my family get close to me."
- Jonichi "Whenever I think about new, I have no friends or close people, I start cutting myself."
- Jonichi How does loneliness influence a person to self harm? "While common definitions of loneliness describe it as a state of solitude or being alone, loneliness is actually a state of mind."
People often have strong feelings of depression, suicide, low self-esteem and aggression when they are lonely. (Psychology.about.com: Loneliness) Feel like no one would care
Feel the world is better without them
Do it to relieve/distract them from their loneliness for a short period of time
Use self harm to cope with the emotional strain
Fills mental void with physical pain
Do it out of feelings of bitterness from the loneliness
Do it in private/alone
Try to keep it a secret/hide it from loved ones *Intense feelings of loneliness contributes to the urge to self mutilate for immediate release.* -Almost 50% of cutters or self-injury individuals have reported being sexually abused. -40% of all individuals who commit self-injury type behaviors are males. (SCOTTCOUNCILING.COM) - A tragic incident may have occurred where it is difficult to talk about with others *You can physically be around people but feel mentally alone* - Cuts
- Scared of his own loneliness
- Loneliness makes him push people away
- Loneliness made him think the world would be better off without him
- Relieves loneliness by talking to himself/self harming
- Social Anxiety
- Shows how loneliness isn't a choice at times. "This loneliness is driving me insane." Amanda Todd - Attempted to commit suicide multiple times (overdose, bleach incident, etc.)
- Bullied, Cyber bullied
- Harassed physically and sexually, Stalked
- Isolation (MayoClinic.com) (Self-Injury.net) *All ties in loneliness* What can cause loneliness? Loneliness often times is caused by mental illnesses. The illnesses make a person unable to interact with people or disinterested in interacting with people.
Examples include but are limited to:
- Depression (Vice versa)
- Social anxiety
- Schizophrenia
- Bi-Polar Disorder (WebMD.com - Causes of Mental Illness)
(Healthyplace.com - Mental Illness and Defining Loneliness) "...Anxiety major depression panic disorder..."

"...Nobody liked me, name calling, judged…"

"...I have nobody..."

"...I need someone..." (Quotes from Amanda Todd) Loneliness is a serious epidemic affecting many today. Although it doesn't seem serious, it can be fatal. Mental illnesses can lead to or worsen someone's loneliness. It is one of the major influences for self harm because of what can come out of loneliness i.e. low self esteem, depression, anxiety and/or panic disorders. Prezi by Ariella Williams, Sajeanah Cadet, and Patricia Luong. (webofloneliness.com) Most people who self harm: (rcpsych.ac.uk: Self Harm)
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