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Final Project for ICT

No description

Evici Herianti

on 12 July 2015

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Transcript of Final Project for ICT

Understand the advantages and disadvantages of the introduced tools.
Use the tools for their classroom context properly.
Apply (adapt and/or adopt) these two technological tools in their daily teaching.

2. Help the teacher to have a more dynamic classroom
Advantage for Teacher
Four-Country Workshop
Created by: SOEUNG Sopha, Evi HERIANTI, ROHANA Hajeeyusoh & TRINH Huyen Nhung
The Content
1. Background
2. Objectives
3. Rationale
4. Kahoot!
6. Conclusion
English is Compulsory Subject
unstable internet connection
Some students cannot afford a Laptop/Smartphone
Computer Lab has internet connection
English Teachers for Upper secondary schools
Have some knowledge in using computer
Two-day Workshop
To encourage language teachers to integrate technology in their classroom
to make their lesson more interactive and
to exercise learner-centered approach by using two technology tools like Kahoot and Window Live Movie Maker in their real context.
How technology helps language learning?

Let's Kahoot it!
Activity 1: Reading
Reading text: “Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)”

Learning Objectives:
To make the students more engaged and
motivated in reading activity
To improve their reading skill via (scanning and skimming) and
To understand more about ASEAN (improving cultural awareness)

https://create.kahoot.it/#/preview/58687b65 e8bf-4271-9398-cb3329ce40b3
students will be put in a group of three

Each group will be given the reading text,

In group, students will read the text carefully

have a discussion about the text and take conclusion,

During Reading
Teacher runs post reading Kahoot! quiz

Students play the Kahoot

The groups will compete

Formative assessment

Post Reading
Activity 2: Kahoot Project

Learning Objectives
Description of the Project

Students will create a Kahoot! quiz in pair covering their favorite tourist attractions,

Using 15 carefully constructed questions, and have at least ten players play and rate their quiz.
In pair, students create a student Kahoot!
The second part of the project involve larger group (about 10 students)

(Students and their partner will be acting as “teachers” by quizzing a group of classmates, that will in turn give them feedback as to accuracy of their Kahoot! level of difficulty, the variety of questions and how much fun it is.

Assessment for the Project based on the rubric

(In case no internet connection)

Need 1 Master computer

Students: piece of paper and pen.

While doing the quiz: name of the color option.

To see the number of right and wrong answers: spreadsheet
1. The Ss are engaged and interested (fun and enjoyment)
2. Learning by doing/playing
3. Authentic tasks lead the Ss' Language skills more effective.
4. Move teachers from being the barrier of knowledge
to be the facilitator.
5. Encourage the teachers to move away from teacher-
centered to student-centered.

1. Kids are engaged and interested.

Advantage for Student
Teacher shows students pre-reading questions on Kahoot! Quiz
Teachers use Kahoot! quiz to probe the students before they go through a reading text to know students’ background knowledge
Students play the pre-reading Kahoot! quiz

Window Live Movie Maker
Activity 1:
'turns the teacher’s simple and normal(boring) questions into a joy or fun, also interactive
2. Easy to join
- no need to have an account and password
- possible to work on any devices, e. g. PC,
laptop, tablet or smart phone

3. Get a formative assessment promptly

4. Saving - paper, environment, money

5. The students are encouraged to be leader.

1.Help to create an interesting activity for the class easily
Genre: Being Familiar with Descriptive Text (Describing Place)

Language focus:Forming interrogative form

Lexical: Noun Phrase (Adjective + Noun), e.g. amazing place, beautiful scenery,

Language function: getting and giving information

Students will learn the culture of the country they choose (what people usually do in the place of tourist attraction they choose)

Skill: Reading (comprehension)

3. Easy to create or set up the program.
4. Saving

- Time --> to correct and collect the students’ score
- Paper, environment --> no need to collect a bunch of paper
- Money --> free of cost to create, no need to buy the book


1. The highly effective internet signal should be provided.
2. The students need to be afforded the equipment.

Some budget is required here
1. To conduct the activity outside the classroom where internet is offered.
- Language Laboratory
- Library
- Etc.
2. Prepare a piece of paper to the Ss.

-summarizes the scores via Ms-Excel.

1. No need the internet signal
2. Available free on any windows operating system
3. Easy to create and quite straight forward
4. Authentic task is appear- since it can display links
to any websites, e.g. Youtube, BCC, etc.
5. All 4 skills can be provide.
Technology can help language learning. In terms of pedagogical concept, technology can help move teachers away from teacher centered to student-centered classrooms. Therefore, the teacher will not play a role of being the bearer of knowledge but the role of facilitator and the students will be more engaged and motivated in learning language.
6. Able to grab the Ss' attention (sight and sound)
7. A great way to bring subjects to life, the Role-play and News Reporter Activity

8. It is helpful to encourage the Ss in their interesting
e.g. producer, writer, reporter, and actor/ actress
9. The production is substantial- easy to collect it as the task/ work.
Individual speaking
Tenses of verbs
Words/ phases in particular topics
Individual speaking skills
logical and organizational thinking
Digital skills

Their OWN topic of their story: the main points or events
Group/pair work
Photos included
Story-telling practice
Peer or group feedback

Task 3: Movie creating
Movie sharing
Peer-feedback and evaluation on movies

Learning Objectives
1. Electricity problem
Task 1: Input Information
An example movie
Main parts of a story + the input vocabulary and structures
Task 2: Think – pair/ group - share
+ Kahoot =
the enjoyable class :D
Activity 2: Group oral communication
- making questions/ giving answers/ agreement or disagreement
- beginning/ maintaining and ending a conversation
- using words/ phases in particular topics
- thinking critically and systematically
- Improve their digital skills
- Contextualizing their communicative situations

Task 1: Group brainstorming
- Grouping
- Choosing a theme for their conversation
- brainstorming and generating their ideas individually
and share with others in their groups
- Finding more information on Internet if necessary
- Watching a movie as an example

Task 2: Plot preparation
- Writing the plot of the conversation
- Dividing the roles of members in the group
- Preparing the scripts of the conversation
- Rehearsing

Task 3: Movie creation
Creating their movie with the scripts and characters prepared above
Making it more interesting with functions in WLMM tool
Showing their movies to the rest of the class
Giving comments and feelings on videos each other in written text or oral feedback
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