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SBU Campus Recreation Marketing Strategy

No description

on 9 December 2016

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Transcript of SBU Campus Recreation Marketing Strategy

Marketing Philosophy
Mission Statement
First 60 Days of Being Hired
Departmental Goals
Marketing Strategies
To enhance the quality of life for students, faculty, and staff with the opportunity to participate in progressive programs, services and facilities, including intramural sports, fitness and wellness programs, club sports, informal open recreation, and special events. We provide infused outcome based opportunities for student development in all aspects of wellness, leadership, professionalism and academic success.
• To provide programs and services that will enhance knowledge, interests and behaviors in order to promote healthy lifestyles, success, positive human relations, and leadership.
• Through participation in formal or informal recreation, individuals will learn to enhance positive lifestyle behaviors while at SBU and in the future.
• To provide holistic employment opportunities for students to succeed and excel in future endeavors.
• To foster healthy, civic-minded social development through participation, inclusiveness and cooperation.
• To enhance affinity for diversity, respect and pride in our SBU community through our formal and informal opportunities.

Service Offering Examples
Brand Awareness
Communication Plan
Familiarize, Review & Build
Evaluation Plan
Social Media Reach and Engagement
1) Promotional Items (Giveaways)

2) Collaboration with Student Affairs
Campus Dining Dietician
Wellness Expo
Involvement Fair
Student Life
Commuter Student Association

3) Collaboration with Training Education Program
Turkey Trot 5K Run/Walk
Debbie Whittemore 5K Run/Walk

4) Collaboration with Campus Police
Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D)

5) Collaboration with Center for Prevention and Outreach (CPO) and Program of Public Health
Relationship Violence on campus

6) Collaboration with Campus Residences

...and more!
Be the success you wish to attain!
Marketing Strategy
Instantly linked by the tips of your fingers!

• Enhance the quality of life by connecting at any given moment, place or time
• Engage and share experiences on a unifying platform
• Inspire to foster development in all aspects of wellness and the transformation lives


1. Build the Stony Brook Campus Recreation brand - Get people to recognize our logo/name and associate it with our products and services.
2. Attract new customers - Drive traffic to our social media platforms, which will increase participation.
3. Engage with customers - Develop a relationship with our students, faculty, staff and friends at Stony Brook University.
4. Build awareness - Make patrons aware of our product offering.


1. Create a promotion schedule of all calendar events planned by the department
2. Use social media platforms to create a presence by posting weekly updates, event updates, and being consistent with each platform
3. Create engaging content that will develop our relationship with our customers
4. Create monthly goals to drive the number of followers and friends on all platforms
5. Evaluate monthly progress, consistency, and effectiveness

What were our goals?
Did we accomplish them?
How will our accomplishments be measured?
What revisions and imporovements need to be made?

All communication that is produced from Stony Brook Campus Recreation follows a consistent format. Each program and/or notification will consist of specific guidelines in the following areas:

• Printing, Posting, and Distribution
-Rec Center Bulletin Boards,
-SAC Display Cases
-Union Bulletin Board,
• Website
• Social Media Platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

All undergraduate students pay the "Campus Recreation Facilities" fee which provides access to the Campus Recreation Center.
Summer: $38/session
Winter: $15.50
Graduate students are eligible to purchase a membership on an annual or monthly basis.
Annual: $253.25
Monthly: $26.50
*Bills over $20 are NOT accepted
Faculty/staff are eligible to purchase a yearly membership. All memberships will run year to date based on when the membership was purchased.
Annual: $317.75
Monthly: $31.75
Faculty/staff/student spouse & alumni: to purchase a membership for a spouse or partner.
Annual: $420.25
Monthly: $41.25
• Familiarize myself with all University and departmental policies, protocols, and tools
• Familiarize myself with the website and all social medias
• Review and sign Campus Recreation policies and procedure manual
• Review Campus Recreation marketing brand strategy
• Meet with Campus Recreation marketing team, graduate assistant, and supervisor once a week
• Be available to table at least five tabling events throughout the year
• Understand the mission, vision, and goals of Campus Recreation and marketing area
• Build relationships with colleagues and foster a team atmosphere

Brand Awareness:
Social Media Reach and Engagement

Service Offerings:
Fitness Classes
Club Sports
Facility Reservations
Personal Training
Open Recreation
On and Off Campus Tournaments
Social Media Tracker

84 Following
381 Photos
3, 611 Total Likes

Current Twitter Stats
Current Facebook Stats

• Blood Pressure Screening and Body Fat Testing
•Professional Development Opportunities
• Personal Training & Group Training Certification Test
• Fitness Classes
• Workshops
• Special Events
• 5v5 Basketball League
• Badminton Tournament
• Outdoor Soccer League
....and more!
414 Following
1,339 Tweets
533 Fans
26 Listed
SWOT Analysis
Inclusivity Statement
Inclusivity Goals and Efforts
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