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Canadarm 2

No description

William Lu

on 3 November 2013

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Transcript of Canadarm 2

The Machine
Technical Information
17.6 meters

Along US segment of the ISS
1,641 kg

Technical Name:
Space Station Remote Manipulator System (SSRMS)
19 levels of High stress carbon fibre thermoplastic
3 Shoulder, 3 Wrist, 1 Elbow allows a total of 7 degrees of freedom
4 color cameras
Launch Day:
April 19, 2001
Connected to the ISS April 22, 2001 by Colonel Chris Hadfield, and Scott Parazynski

Role of David Florida Laboratories
Vacuum testing: In space, most lubricants will outgas and disappear, therefore this canadian company was charged with testing lubricants to find one which wouldn't outgas
Vibration testing: Vibration test are used to make sure that the machine can withstand the vibration during the rocket launch.
Extreme temperature testing: Since space has extreme temperatures, the machine is tested to see if it can survive the conditions in space.
Macdonald Dettwiler and Associates
Role: Macdonald Dettwiler and Associates
(MDA) was the company that built the Canadarm2. MDA is a canadian company.
A Guaranteed Spot
With canadarm2, Canadians will forever
get a spot on the ISS. So far, 6 canadians
have been on the ISS.
CSA Astronauts:
Julie Payette, Marc Garneau, Chris Hadfield, Steve MacLean, Dave Williams and Bob Thirsk
Importance to

Assembling the ISS
Since the Canadarm2 was
added to the ISS, most of the ISS has been assembled in space by the Candarm2
The Candarm2 has also helped astronauts recieve over a hundred tons of supplies and has supported over 100 spacewalks so far.
Canadaian scientists may now have access to
the laboratories of the ISS. Further benifiting our
undestanding of neurology,cardiovascular help,aging and even material processing
Cosmic Catches
The Canadarm2 is used primarily for
maintenace and repair of the ISS, fixing sattelites, docking spacecraft and delivering scientific payloads and necessities for the astronauts on board.

Therefore the Canadarm2 is an essential component of the ISS, therefore without it, the productivity of the ISS would be unimaginably reduced.
Importance to Canadians
Repairs can be done in space, the
Canadarm2 never has to leave the
Sattelites and the ISS can both be repaired by the Canadarm2 in orbit. All thanks to the precision of the machine.
1 more joint then canadarm. Candarm2's joints may all rotate 540 degrees.

Fixed end:
Canadarm has 1 fixed end, Canadarm2 has NO fixed ends, allowing it to move across all comabatible surfaces of the ISS, while the canadarm is fixed on space shuttles.
Canadarm had to be repaired on the earth. Yet Canadarm2 may be repaired in orbit. It is specifically designed to be easily repaired by astronauts.
Canadarm had no sensors to protect it. Canadarm2 "automatic vision" and "force mouvement sensors"
Automatic Vision:
This allows the Canadarm2 to grab free flying payloads, and avoid collisions
Force Movement Sensors:
These help the Canadarm2 to have a sense of touch, allowing the arm to know if it is attached to objects.
Canadarm had only 2 cameras, one on the elbow and one on the wrist.
Canadarm2 has 4 cameras, which are all in colour.
David Florida Laboratories is also a canadian company
By: William Lu
The Candarm2 is a robotic arm onboard the ISS
Video of the Candarm2 in Action
Here is a video of the Candarm
being controlled by Colonel Chris Hadfield
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