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To Sleep John Keats

No description

Josie Ponce

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of To Sleep John Keats

To Sleep By: John Keats Brief Explanation of To Sleep This sonnet is about death and the poet himself. It was said to be a very difficult time in his life and he just want to move on to the other side where he can be happy and carefree. His attitude in this poem reflects the fact that he has been long suffering and just yearns for death. He bring religion into the poem by expressing the fact that he expects there to be another life after death, another opportunity to create a more pure life. Also considering that he is asking for help, he asks to be saved and he wants someone or something to take him away from this world. Romantic Elements and Themes Religion
Elements Themes Imagery
Death The title "To Sleep" is actually a metaphor for death. He interprets that sleeping is like a brief state of death. This takes place in the last moments of Keats life. He refers to death as a happy experience, a release from all the suffering and sorrow in his life. Meaning Main Point Keats seems to feel powerless and frustrated because he depends on God. He is perceived as the one who decides when it's your time to leave this world. Even when all he does is beg to be allowed into the new world, the life that comes after death, he is still denied access. John Keats John Keats was actually suffering from an illness when writing this poem. He had been slowly dying and was known to be bitterly disappointed each day to find himself still alive. Vincent van Gogh: Woman on her Deathbed From my point of view this picture represents my poem. I imagine this woman praying to God, asking to be sent to a better, happier place where she will no longer be in pain or misery, just like Keats.
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