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Eleanor and Park

No description

Joey Tenaglia

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of Eleanor and Park

Eleanor and Park
by Rainbow Rowell a presentation by Joey Tenaglia Characters Theme and Plot Theme Personal thoughts Plot Character Centered Park Antagonists Eleanor Setting Mood and Tone Setting and Theme The setting of the book takes place in the a small town in the 1980s. The main places in the book are Park's and Eleanor's houses as well as their school. This setting is very secluded in that theres not a lot of places to go so all the places that the story takes you is either very familiar or completely new. Putting the book in the 80s was also a good choice since the lack of communication devices made it so they had to really seek each other out in order to be with each other made it more romantic The mood of the book could be very sweet and lovely at some points then grow horribly dark at other times. This mood or feeling is very close to an "innocence lost" type of dark. The tone of the book varied from perspective to perspective. Eleanor's being very different from Park's. Eleanor is a very strong person that doesn't like attention to be called to her. She definitely an outcast in school but she doesn't really have a problem with that. She grows throughout the book as you learn more about her and her living circumstances. She can be a little irrational and makes Park confused sometimes. She puts herself down a lot even though she's loved for who she is by Park. She loves Park like nothing else in her life though. Park is a nice guy. Its a simple way of putting it but that sums him in a nutshell. He loves Eleanor even though she can be a bit of a hassle to deal with and the baggage she has from her family. He gradually matures throughout the book and grows into a person who isn't as much a kid anymore and can take responsibility if he needs to. They're two main antagonists in that they are the symbols of harassment in, mostly Eleanor's, life. In the beginning the main one is Tina, who is a girl from school. She's really just a bully to Eleanor in general but later on redeems herself . The other is Richie, Eleanor's step dad. He harasses Eleanor at home and doesn't take care of his family because he spends all his money on beer. He's an all over bad guy and has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Park has conflicts with his parents but in general Eleanor's problems are his problems too since he loves her. The book, being a romance, is extremely character based. What happens to the characters, how do they react, what are they thinking. These are what engage you throughout the story so much of the energy spent in the book is spent on the characters and how they develop. The perspective is in third person switches between Eleanor's third person perspective and Park's so get to hear and see what the couple as a whole are think towards each other and to what is happening around them. One of the themes in the book was be yourself. Park is a very different from his parents and he had an internal struggle against this until he stopped struggling and let himself be himself. It ended fantastically with only a little grief from his Dad and made Park feel better about himself. This applies to Eleanor as well since that's who Park loves. Eleanor can be very awkward around Park sometimes (even though she shouldn't because of all people not to awkward around it would be Park, seriously Eleanor) but when shes not she feels better about herself and Park helps her feel that way. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, even though it can be a bit heavy on the language sometimes but the setting and the character were really easy to connect with and its just a emotional roller coaster that's worth riding even both Eleanor and Park both drove me crazy sometimes The plot of the story is follows the two throughout and develops around them and their relationship growth. The main conflict in the story comes from outside their little circle of love but there are problems that come between the two. Its climax is very rushed though, for how long it takes to get there and the development between the two.
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