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Brandon Webb

No description

Brandon Webb

on 6 February 2015

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Transcript of Brandon Webb

Brandon Webb
Glacier National Park
When was Glacier National Park Founded
Glacier National Park was founded on May 11, 1910. President Taft signed a bill that made it the 10th national park.
Distance from
West Memphis
Glacier National Park is exactly 1,830 miles from West Memphis, Arkansas and about 28 hours without bad traffic.
The geographic features at
Glacier National Park are
mountains, forests, valleys,
and lakes.
What Types of Ecosystems are There
The location of Glacier National Park is in Montana and part of southern Canada
The types of ecosystems located in Glacier National Park are Coniferous Forest and Tundra.
Geographic features
Glacier National Park is 104 years old
and will be 105 on May 11. WOW!
Two of the animals located
in Glacier National Park, Golden
Mantled Ground Squirrel, and the Harlequin Duck.
Harlequin Duck
Ground Squirrels
Two types of plants found in Glacier National Park are, the Woody Shrub which has thirteen different types and the Biennial Plant.
Golden Mantled
Reasons to Visit
Glacier National Park has
many different reasons to
visit. Three of the reasons
are cross-country skiing and
snowshoeing, Lake McDonald,
and the Going-to-the-Sun Road.

Going-to-the-Sun Road
Skiing and Snowshoeing
Lake McDonald
Why Glacier National
Park is a National Park
People saw the beautiful scenery and realized that it needed to be preserved. They made it a national park because of the extreme temperatures and the
animals that were able to survive there.
One cool fact about Glacier
National Park is, they are the home of a Grizzly Bear Investigation.
Another Cool Fact
This is something that you probably won't believe this, but Glacier National Park is home to OVER 270 DIFFERENT TYPES OF BIRDS!
One Last Cool Fact
One more cool fact about Glacier National Park is that it has evidence of human use from over 10,000 years ago!
A Cool Fact
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