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Film and Video Editor

AO project for 2nd quarter. Focusing on machanics.

Isabella Brennan

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Film and Video Editor

The editing software
All the free editing software I mentioned do basically the same things. They have drop and drag features along with other Add-Ons, yet just for different computers. A film and Video Editor Mechanics By Isabella Brennan There are basically three steps in using Final Cut Pro 7. The Keyboard You may be wondering why i am telling you about a keyboard. It is not a keyboard with just letters on it. A film editor's key board also has other symbols on it. Just to name a few symbols the space bar is play/pause. The E key is extend edit. The C is crop tool . They also have different colors so you don't have to look at them My Dad has been a editor for about
ten years. He edits videos for many things. videos for parents of children with special needs
videos for Adam's Camp (informational)
Movies (none that you would know of)
Training videos
public announcements
short films
He thinks it is really cool job The controller, controls a lot of things. It is really just a more complex mouse. It just gives you shortcuts of what you do with a controller. Bibliography The Mechanics My Interview With My Dad! The Steps The Controller Film and Video editors, edit videos and films for motion pictures, soundtracks, and television using special software, such as Microsoft movie maker, Apple imovie, Avid Free DV, Wax, and Zewi-Stein. These software programs are all free, but there are still other programs, like Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro which I will focus on more. The keyboard and controller are very important mechanics too. Fun Fact I made this prezi with a dark background because when film editors work they work in dark rooms so they can concentrate on editing. Final Cut Pro and Premire Pro
My dad has used both of these. Presently, he uses Final Cut Pro 7. I am going to now explain the steps of how to use Final Cut Pro. There are many versions of Final Cut but my Dad prefers Final Cut Pro 7. Step 1: It takes footage from the camera or existing video files. Step 2: It manipulates footage. step 3: It outputs to the format needed. This is a controller next Now I am going to have you guess what some of these button do. Step One This step changes footage from a non native format to a native format that software can understand.
For example, the camera Panasonic AF-100 shoots AVC HD. Final Cut does not support that, so it transcodes= converts it in to QuickTime Pro res files. Step two In this step you move video clips around to make shorter, longer, cut and paste things for maximize informational or emotional impact. You also have a timeline, where you set up the order of things. This is also where you can separate video and audio or switch audio around. The Third Step
You then output the video to either make DVDs, put online all of those things A keyboard! With an interview with My Dad Browne, Steven E. Nonliear Editing Basics. Woburn, MA: Butterworth-Hienemann, 1998. Print.
"Career: Film Editor." Princetonreview.com. TPR Education, n.d. Web. Nov. 2012. <princetonreview.com/careers.aspx?cid=66>.
Dixon, Douglas. How to Use Adobe Premiere 6.5. Indianapolis: Que, 2002. Print.
"Film and Video Editor." Film and Video Editor. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 Nov. 2012.
"Top 5 Free Video Editing Software." Desktop-Video-Guide.com. N.p., n.d. Web. Nov. 2012.
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