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No description

Nathalia Gonzalez

on 19 August 2015

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Transcript of Apple

Products Stars
Meaning of the colors
12″ Retina display
2.304×1.440 Resolution
16:10 Relation dimensional
Historical review of Apple
Apple Inc. is a global designer, manufacturer and marketer of mobile communication and media devices, personal computers, and portable digital music players
Apple Marketing Mix

Although the prices are different for different products and they change variably, the prices mostly reached to certain level in market but not required for maintaining any economical position.
The company was done its expansion in Asia, the Middle East Europe, Africa and America. Apple is involved in the enhancement of its stores situated in UK, Canada and US and the ratio of its stores are about 200.
The company is more focused on the relationship with the public and for every new product and services company mostly tries to update that for the customers.
With the passage of time the company keeps on improving and introducing enhanced products like iPod, Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, iLife, iWork, iOS and Mac OS X.

Market Penetration

America, Japan and Europe are the countries in which the company is comprises of different segment. The company is expanding by increasing its stores in Canada, America, Japan and UK.
Main Strategies
Market Development

Market development is implemented by the company in order to attain the attention of the customers and approach the employees with better skills from whom hard work, company leads to success.

Diversification Strategy

Different strategical plans are implemented by Apple Inc. but for the expansion of the company they are engaged in new strategies like put forward the new version of desk tops, notebooks and mobile phone etc.
General features of iMac
Brand: Apple
Model: Imac 27
Kind: desktop All In One
Os: MacOS Mavericks
screen size: 27"
processor: Intel Core i5-4670, 3,4 GHz (Haswell)
Ram: 8 GB Elpida DDR3 - 1.600 MHz

size: 5.44 inches
weight: 129 grams
screen: 4.7
chips: A8
Os: 8
weight: 680 grams
screen: 10 inches
Ram: 64 Gb
Os: Apple de 1 GHz.

Segmentación de Apple

El target de Iphone lo podemos situar en una zona urbana mayormente en las ciudades y grandes localidades.

Publico joven 18-22 Años
Publico Adulto 23-43 Años
Edad Media 45-55 Años

Esta dirigo a un tipo de persona estrovertidas y social
Se basa en tres pilares fundamentales:
Contribuir a cambiar la forma de trabajar con los clientes.
Apple's satrengs are the innovative desings that are of trends creating electronic products.
Apple recoughtes that is profitobility depends on the global economy.
Apple is expected to intruduce a new mobile advertising planform por Iphone Ipod Tuch and Ipad

Apple is involed in various legal actions including claims for planet infrigement and inturist volations
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