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Gold By Charu and Rachel

No description

lis lab3

on 14 June 2013

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Transcript of Gold By Charu and Rachel

General Info
Gold is a element. It's scientific name is Aurum. The word gold comes from the Old English word geolo, meaning yellow.
The Element
Gold is in the transition metal section in the periodic
table. It has seventy-nine protons, one hundred and eighteen neutrons, and seventy-nine electrons. The boiling point of gold is 2807 degrees Fahrenheit. The atomic mass is 196.96655. Its natural state is solid. The melting point of gold is 1064.43 degrees Farenheit.
Scientific Research in Gold.
In 1848, John A. Sutter discovered gold. Gold is used in medicine,dentistry, computers, and of course, jewelry. In medicine gold is used to treat arthritis. In some eastern cultures gold dust and leaf is supposed to have health benefits. Gold is also used in computers to conduct electricity and it also is used for transmission of digital information. In dentistry it is used for fillings and crowns, etc, etc. It also used as currency.
Gold used in Jewelry
Here are some pics of how gold is used and looks.
Gold used in dentistry
Gold Used in Electronics
Raw Gold
Prezi made by Rachel Formaniak and Charu Jain
Images by Google Images
Sites used for info: www.chemicalelements.com
www.google.com, geology.com

Here are some more pics of Gold!
Thanks For Watching!
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