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Religion Relic Project

No description

John Ross Rumfola

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Religion Relic Project

The Holy Foreskin History The Holy Foreskin is claimed to be Jesus' Foreskin.
Its ownership has sometimes been claimed by more than one European Church at a time.
It is said that St. Bridget had bits of the Holy Foreskin dropped onto her tongue by an angel, which caused her to have orgasms.
The Foreskin was stolen from a museum in Italy in 1983, and evidence shows the Vatican as a suspect. Effects The Holy Foreskin gathered a lot of attention to the Church.
The attention was usually negative because claiming to have possession of something like that seems both awkward and lowly probable.
The Holy Foreskin received so much attention that, at one point, in the 1950's, the Pope threatened to excommunicate anyone who spoke of it. A Few Facts The Holy Foreskin's first appearance was when it was presented to Pope Leo II in year 800.
Most of the visions of the relic were told of by female saints.
The relic is believed to be spread around many European churches today.
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