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ESLplus project

No description

TKA Tudaskozpont

on 12 May 2017

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Transcript of ESLplus project

Project review
Smart use of wiki
document store
effective communication
transparent communication
ESLplus project
review and suggestions
Communication and decision making codex
suggested changes
Task flow
general principles:
comm on wiki
feedback, comment is necessary
project review
problematic points

project management handbook - updating
WP1 - Project management
Detailed Work Plan
Documents of meetings and internal communication
Internal project website
Reports for the Commission
Problematic points:
finalizing documents

smart use of wiki
administrative burden
WP2 - Collecting, selecting and structuring...
WP3 - ESL Portal
WP4 - Network building
WP5 - Dissemination
WP6 - Quality plan
Synthesis report on the literature review of inclusive education
Collection of existing European and National projects related to ESL
Report on stakeholder analysis, the results of the end-user survey and the national focus group discussion results
Criteria of analysis and evaluation and evaluation template for good practices
Classification of selected programmes, measures and good practices
Problematic points:
finalizing documents
smart use of wiki
quality, non performance
European ESL Portal

good practice
• my stories
• ESL library, professional background
• country profile
• application
• training materials
Network building methodology
Tool (learning resources) and train the trainer programme based on the results of the end-users' survey
European Association on ESL
Presentation materials for stakeholders
Promotional and awareness raising events
Problematic points:
finalizing documents
debate on who develop what
database of stakeholders
electronic newsletters
articles, conf. presentation
workshops at national level
expert meetings/PLAs at international level
international final high level conference (Brussels)
social networking
on-line publications

final project publication
promotional materials for different stakeholders
Self evaluation reports
External expert monitoring evaluation (international and national levels)
Participants’ evaluation of WSs and of conferences
Web visitors’ evaluation
Financial audit at the end of the project
concrete, textual suggestions for:
communication (emails vs wiki, feedback)
task flow (deadline)
responsibility (change management)
regular editing
Communication and decision making codex
part of Project Management Handbook
PM feedback on quality too
regular feedback - on quality too
memos - deadline: 1 or 2 weeks
concepts - deadline: 1 or 2 weeks
in memos
by deadline
Problematic points:
finalizing documents
Problematic points:
need for focus & coordination
Problematic points:
lack of feedback
finalizing documents
finalizing tasks
How can we reach the goals by tasks...
Coordinator is responsible for...
Partners are responsible for...
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